His Way His Time His Purpose

Everybody wants to serve God in their own way in their own time for their own purposes. But Jesus Christ called us into His kingdom of His Light for His purpose in His time to be used in His way. It has nothing to do with us, everything was made for Him and through Him and to Him and in Him all things hold together. Jesus did not come to serve us He came to do the will of the Father. We are called as Christians, as believers to do His will, to become part of His kingdom, it has nothing to do with us. It isn’t about our spiritual gifts it is not about our calling it is all about Jesus Christ, He called us. Many are called but few are chosen. Jesus Christ paid the price of salvation for the whole world for salvation for everybody, but not all are called. However many are called few of those who are called are chosen, few of those will go into the kingdom of heaven. Many of those who are called are not interested in their calling they are only interested in themselves. Very few people are willing to lay down themselves, lay down their lives, their ambitions to follow Jesus Christ all the way, to do everything that He tells them to do. His requirement is that we will follow Him and do everything His way.


It is not about us it is about the kingdom of God. If we still have our own ideas our own ambitions, everything us, we are not born again, we are not busy with the kingdom of God we are busy with ourselves. People want to do everything about themselves, it is centered around the person and not around the kingdom of God. If Jesus is not the King of your life then you are the king of your life. I must lay down my life, Paul wrote: I live no longer but Christ lives in me and the life that I now live I live through Christ to the glory of God.  Paul wrote in Romans 8:14: Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are children of God. The Lord Jesus said I am the true Vine and My Father He is the Keeper and without Me you can do nothing. We are called to bear fruit in the kingdom of God. We are not called to serve ourselves we are called as servants into the kingdom of God. No soldier goes out on his own no soldier goes out untrained. We need to come under the command of the Holy Spirit. In the first place we must submit ourselves to the Lord Jesus and be trained to be made useful to be true soldiers of Christ. Only then can we go under command. Once we have been trained, trained in the ways of the Lord once we know His voice then we will follow Him then we will obey Him. Jesus needs to train us, He needs, through His Holy Spirit, to make us useful for His kingdom, but if we are not willing to obey, if we are not willing to come to Him to be guided, to be taught to be trained, to go through boot camp, to go through special training, for special assignment He cannot use us. Jesus did not call anybody to go sit on in a pew or just to amuse themselves.


 Every one that Jesus called, was born for a purpose at a specific time, for His purpose, in His time to do what He wants them to do, not what they want to do. The only way that you and me can be useful in the kingdom of God is by being guided by the Holy Spirit. He didn’t call you  for your knowledge or your talents or anything you. Jesus called you and me for His purpose. The only way that we will be useful is through obedience. If we submit ourselves and have ourselves guided by the Holy Spirit, trained to become useful, then He will find us useful. If we refuse that He will not find us useful, He will not use us. If we do not obey Jesus Christ, we are not part of His kingdom. You can say that you are a believer but that is to no avail. If you believe and you obey, then you become a child of God. John the Baptist said that every one who believes in Jesus Christ has the power to become a child of God. We are not just a child of God by believing. In the first place you need to believe that He is the Son of God. Because He is the Son of God you come to Him you lay down your life, you submit yourself to Him, you submit yourself entirely to Him you die to yourself. You obey Him right down to the last letter of the word everything that He tells you. I am not talking about the Bible I am talking being guided by His Holy Spirit. The children of God are not guided by scripture they are not guided by rules, they are guided by His Holy Spirit. God is not a Book, God is alive, Jesus Christ is alive. Those who worship Him, worship Him in Spirit and truth, those who follow Him go where He guides them every step of the way, no deviation, no time out. They are totally and utterly at His disposal, twenty-four hours out of every day they are inclined, their ears are inclined to His voice. They listen to Him, they follow Him those are children of God.


If we want to be part of God’s kingdom we have to submit ourselves to Him. It’s not about what we know what our talents are, what we think. It’s not what we do for Jesus, He is not interested in what we say and what we think. A lot of people prophesy from their minds, they think because they have said something, that they have created something through their own words. That’s just not true. The Word of God is powerful and it goes out and it accomplishes what God wants it to accomplish. What we say is nothing what we think is nothing. God is not interested in your and mine opinion it’s all about the kingdom of God. It’s about Jesus Christ, about Him crucified, King of kings and Lord of lords. He’s got to be glorified and not man. He needs to become more and we must become less. Every thing belongs to Him. He is coming to establish His kingdom on this earth, it’s not our kingdom, it’s not our glory, and it’s got nothing to do with us it’s all about Jesus Christ. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords so that He can be everything in everybody to the glory of God. That’s the only way that you can be part of the Bride of the Lamb. Jesus Christ is preparing a Bride for that great feast of the Lamb. Right now God the Father is sending out to fill up the feast meal to bring people into that feast and many of them that come in there will not be ready will not be clothed with the proper clothing, they will be thrown out.


Those who were called those who were chosen refused the call, they were too busy. Many of them dropped out along the way side, the door is closing, it is closing on you right now. If you are not guided by the Holy Spirit, you are guided by your own mind you are doing your own thing you are not submitting to the Holy Spirit you are not submitting to Jesus Christ, you are useless for Him. If you are not part of the kingdom of God you are just on your own. You have to submit yourself to God, you need to come to Jesus Christ now. This door is closing, there is no more time left. He is sending out into the streets and He is saying: Fill up My feast meal that I have prepared because those who were invited don’t want to come. Now is the time to make your decision to come to Jesus now to submit yourself now to Him, say Lord I am here help me please. There is no more time, the time is up, the opportunity is gone it is closed. The last midnight call has gone out: There comes the Bridegroom go out to meet Him. You must submit yourself to Jesus Christ now. He is not interested in what you think, it is about His kingdom it is His Bride to the glory of God the Father and He is coming to establish His kingdom on this earth and nothing will stop Him. You are either going to be in His plan or in His way. If you are in His plan you are in His kingdom if you are in His way you are going to be in His judgment in His destruction. Make up your mind now seek Jesus right now, time is up.

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