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Church denominations testify to the division caused by Satan. Knowledge of God leads to unity because there is only one God. God is not divided but churches each have their own little empire. None of those lead to anybody closer … Continue reading

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God is Spirit and His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom The church is the body of Christ, which is also a spiritual body comprising if people in whom the Holy Spirit of God dwells. The true church is a spiritual … Continue reading

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War is murder – War is evil

Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. He also commanded that we resist not an evil man. He said: Do not murder. He also said that whoever calls another person a fool … Continue reading

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Churches hate the truth – You shall know the truth and it shall set you free

Institutional churches are not the body of Christ. They are merely organizations run for their own benefit. They approve of sin and wickedness.   Jesus Himself is the Head of the church Jesus Christ is the Highest authority, not the … Continue reading

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Revelation: Listen and Live Received Aug 15 09

God gives us what we ask for. If we seek God we find Him. If we ask him He will reveal Himself to us. He puts His revelations into our hearts. We must be constantly tuned in to Him and … Continue reading

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Church is just a show – an empty shell

For most people “church” is the substance of their faith. The first thing any Christian asks you is: Which church do you belong to? If you don’t belong to a church there is something wrong with you. They don’t know … Continue reading

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Hell will be lined with preachers

Preachers have a responsibility to speak the truth and look after the souls of people. They are the watchmen, called to warn the people and keep them from going astray. Double damnation will come on preachers who deceive people and … Continue reading

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How to fast

(This is a follow up on my note: The purpose of fasting)There are no hard and fast rules about fasting. We need to keep in mind that the purpose of fasting is to wear the flesh down so that the … Continue reading

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No fire insurance – God is not mocked

There are many people who think that they can just believe in Jesus, be saved and have eternal life while they carry on living sinfully. God is not mocked. Without holiness nobody shall see God.  There is no such thing … Continue reading

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The purpose of fasting

God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth. We are flesh and we have soul and spirit. Our soul (mind) and flesh dominates most of the time. Fasting weakens our flesh and … Continue reading

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