Get to know Him


Jesus Christ is returning soon and many people will be disappointed. Many people who thought that they were okay, that they were saved, will be severely disillusioned when they find out that Jesus doesn’t know them, they have no relationship with Him. He will say to them, go away I never knew you. Jesus said: My sheep know My voice and they follow Me. Those who don’t know His voice cannot follow Him. The only One who can lead us to a fruitful live into the kingdom of God is the King Himself, His Holy Spirit that He sent to guide us, to lead us into all truth, to remind us of all those things that He said. Yet people are not interested in that, the same as in the days of Jesus when He walked this earth. People were interested in teachings and readings. Today people pay millions of dollars, money they worked for, for teachings, to go sit in conferences to listen to people talking about the kingdom of God, about faith, about subjects that they know nothing of. The only one who really knows the subject is Jesus Christ Himself. We read in Matthew 23:8 He said: do not be called Rabbi for One is your teacher and you are brothers. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to teach us. He wrote His laws in our hearts so that we will know what is right and what is wrong. He gave each one of us a conscience, a conscience that we should follow so that we can walk in purity before Him in a clear conscience. We must walk in the sight of our God of our Lord Jesus Christ not in the sight of men, not in the sight of teachings. People are so occupied with teachings they have no time to be with Jesus Christ.


It is an abomination when people glorified people. You hear about all these great teachers, people go to their conferences they pay a lot of money, they buy their books they spend hours and hours listening to teachings, readings, of people instead of spending time in the presence of the King. Jesus said: One is your Teacher and He meant that. Jesus said My sheep know My voice and they follow Me and He meant that. Jesus said also that He will say to many in that day: Go away I never knew you, why? Because they were fool hearty, they kept on with teachings and readings about what they thought was right, knowledge of the head, but not true knowledge of Christ. The only way that we get to know Jesus Christ is through revelation from Himself in His presence, spending time with Him, waiting on Him, not with other people. We should be glad for the revelation of Christ in our own life, that we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, that should be our peace and our joy, that should be the source of our joy. Not our relationship with other people, not that we are saved. Jesus Christ is the Savior; He is the One who holds the keys to the book of life, nobody else. He can erase a name from the book of life. People are so knowledgeable about scripture it is just sickening, they fight about it, they wage wars about it, they attack other people about it, because of their elevated knowledge of scripture and readings and teachings and Greek and all kinds of things but not about their knowledge of Jesus Christ, not about their fruitfulness that is brought through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Not about the time they spend praying, waiting in His presence about His revelation into their lives, and when a revelation is given from God it is doubted by the ‘purists’, where does the purity come from? From their own mind, from their own teachings, from their self-righteousness not from a relationship with Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit hidden into a live that is pleasing to God, bearing fruit. They will be disappointed when Jesus comes and He says to them I never knew you. Jesus is not party to our reading He is not party to our historic figures of faith of Christianity. There is only One who is to be glorified and that is Jesus Christ and He is the One who is neglected. He is the One who nobody follows because they follow teachings and readings, they will be disappointed, you will be disappointed my friend, if you don’t know His voice you are not His sheep. I am telling you that, because I care for you. He will speak to you, He will come to you, He will reveal Himself to you, He will teach you in all truth and all righteousness, He will guide you, He loves you, He is intimately involved with everything on this earth. Yet He is denied, He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Right now He is the King of kings He puts kings and rulers into place and He removes them when it pleases Him, but people just don’t acknowledge Him. It doesn’t take anything away from Him, He is still the King of kings and He is still the Lord of lords, He still holds the keys to the kingdom and either you and me spend time in His presence getting to know Him or He will say to us: Go away from Me I never knew you. He loves us but if we push Him out He will deny us too. He will deny us entry into His kingdom, why? Because Jesus Christ is the King of kings He is the Lord of lords He is the King of glory. Either He is the King in your life or He is the King in my life or He is not and there is no way that if He is not the King that He will allow you into His kingdom. You will not be part of His Bride if you put Him to the side, if you occupy yourself with readings and teachings. It is so sickening when you hear preachers quoting other holy men, saints whoever they may be the glory goes to Jesus Christ not to a mortal not to a man. Jesus will not want to know which saint you followed which books you read. If I don’t have a relationship with Him if I am not guided buy the Spirit of God I am not a son of God.

 John the Baptist said whoever believes in Him He gives him the right to become a child of God. You become a child of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ you are none of His. If you just believe in Him that is no good, if you believe Him and you obey Him and you get into a relationship with Him and you spend time with Him in prayer, if He teaches you. It is not your readings it is not your teachings that will bring you closer to Christ.  It is a relationship, it is when we spend time in His presence listen to His voice then we get to know Him, no other way. There is no other way to get to know Jesus Christ. King David was a man close to the heart of God, He spend time in the presence of God not reading. The revelation of God flowed through him and he wrote those revelations. Streams of living waters were flowing through him. He was not a sponge he was a fountain. Many people today are sponges, they are not fountains and after they have sponged everything they go rotten because they think they are wise but they are nothing. If the life and the power and the knowledge and the revelation of Jesus Christ is not flowing through us we are sponges and we are dead. We must get in His presence get His Spirit to flow through us, we must repent of all the stuff that we are keeping ourselves occupied with and go and spend time in the presence of Jesus Christ, wait on Him and let His Spirit speak to us, flow through us, guide us into all truth, then we will have life in ourselves, not through readings and teachings. Jesus is coming and people don’t know Him. They will be disappointed because they never had time or took time to get to know Him, to get to know His voice. He wants to speak to you He wants to reveal Himself to you but if you lock Him out He will say to you: Go away, I never knew you, and you will have yourself to blame and nobody else. Get in His presence, wait on Him and He will reveal Himself to you and you will know Jesus Christ first hand.

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