I am a witness for Jesus Christ.

My mother dedicated me to Jesus before I was born. I grew up in a pentecostal Christian home, accepted Jesus as my Lord at a very young age and was baptized in water at the age of 5 by my own confession. At the age of 15 Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues, as on the day of Pentecost.

I always had a desire for God and grew up wanting to serve Him. I knew that the New Testament Christians were led by the Holy Spirit and I had a desire to get closer, hear His voice, be guided by the Holy Spirit, but I never knew how. I was always searching but could never find. I was looking for answers from people but could never really find a true man of God.

It soon became clear that the church hierarchy had it’s own agenda. As long as you fit into the organization, you were accepted.  I never had the desire to attend a Bible school or become part of the organization. Somehow, I always knew that church denominations separate the true believers and do not bring people closer to Jesus. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to me but I did not realize it.

After finishing high school I started working as a prison warden. I did street preaching in my off times, prayed for the sick and visited people in hospitals. I was always witnessing and also testified at youth groups. Many people were healed and miracles happened. I served Jesus as best as I could. I operated independently from any church as I knew I had to take people to Jesus not to an organization.

At that stage I got involved with a group who had a deliverance ministry. They were casting out demons. Many demon possessed people came to them for deliverance. These demons would manifest themselves, often quite violently. Many were delivered, others would be back again for prayer. This group also had a prophetic ministry and would prophecy over people in “deep prayer sessions” where they would prophecy the “hidden sins” of group members and visitors. The leader of this group was controlling the members through his “prophetic gift.” I had fallen prey to this deception.

During this time I had met a young lady, in the group, and we were attracted to each other but the leader had other plans. He “prophesied” to this lady that she was meant to be married to another person in the group. She believed them and immediately broke off our relationship. I was furious. By this time I had lost my focus on Jesus. At that stage I was out of a job, serving the cult.

I was disillusioned and bitter but instead of seeking Jesus I went away from Him. I was 20 years old. Due to my dedicated lifestyle I missed out on the pleasures of life and now I was disillusioned by my experience with “serious” Christians people. I found a job and went wild.

Working and playing hard soon brought its results. I did well in my career, got married, bought a house, had 2 children but I was far away from Jesus. For 10 years I was severely backslidden, hardly a thought of God. I was serving myself and the devil well and the rewards were good.

Then disaster struck. My wife was killed in a car accident. I was a 30 year old widower with 2 little boys, one 3 years, the other 9 months old. Shortly prior to this happening my late wife would often tell me to marry again if she died and I would get most upset, but somehow she knew she would die.

I have to deviate here. When I was 15 years old my niece got terminally injured in a car accident. She was on life support with little hope of survival. At that stage I prayed and asked God to heal her. I promised to serve Him full time if He would heal her – she fully recovered. When my wife died in that car accident I was reminded of this promise that I had not kept but my heart was so hardened that I became even more embittered against God. My wife was  in intensive care for three weeks, like my niece, then she passed away.

My whole life was disrupted, two babies, alone. God sent a wonderful godly women my way. She had never been married, she pitied me and the boys and married me. On the one hand it was wonderful. On the other hand she tried to get me back to God. Sparks were often flying, especially when she managed to drag me to church. I could be quite religious, as I knew the drill, but the hypocrisy of the church people appalled me, even though I was no better than them myself.

One night my wife managed to get me to a tent meeting. The preacher said that if you really don’t want to serve God, He will help you to go to hell (from Romans 1:28). I pretended that I was not touched but shortly after that I surrendered to Jesus.

There was a difference though. I decided to follow Jesus and never to allow anything, no man, to come between me and Him. I meant business with Jesus. This time around I was dead serious, like never before.
The road back was tough but I got to know Jesus and I know He knows me.

I have been following Him seriously for more than 25 years, after I came back to Him. He has taken me through the valleys and over the hilltops but He never let me down. I have failed many times but He never let go of me. I look back and realize with shame that even in my deepest times of deserting him, He was always there, watching over Me.  By His wonderful love and mercy, He brought me back.

Many things happened after I came back to Jesus. It was only then that I really got to know Him and that is why I have a testimony, my life with Jesus, my failures and His wonderful grace. I live to testify for Jesus and bring others to Him. I have given up everything and I am following Jesus. I left my country, family, occupation, possessions and I am not looking back.

There is too much to write. I share glimpses of my testimony in videos in the “My Testimony” section of this site. Many things that Jesus took us through we have forgotten and others are happening right now. Every day with Jesus is a miracle. I hope to share more in future and add to my testimony, until the end.

My wonderful wife, Christiena,  serves Jesus alongside me. We are witnesses for Jesus and wish to do that for the rest of our lives. We share our experience and testimony with others to encourage them to also serve our Master, Jesus Christ, and become servants of the kingdom of heaven.

We pray that we may be a blessing to you.
May Jesus bless you

(My name: One night Jesus spoke to me and gave me a new name, Justice)


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  1. Victor says:

    Thanks for all your posts. Ive tried to quit smoking countless times and I liked what you write. I’m trying again today and I asked Jesus to help me. Don’t know why it’s so hard

    I admire your writings

  2. Kim says:

    I searched and found your site bc i was looking for any suggestions on quitting smoking with God helping me bc i cant seem to do it on my own. Then, after reading about your quit smoking testimony, i wanted to read more about you. Im so glad i did. You have inspired me and encouraged me. I know God led me to your site. Thank you for sharing sone very personal feelings and your honesty is refreshing!! Sometimes i dont think we, as Christians, dont feel we can be honest or when faced with a life changing tradegy that we dont get angry or doubtful. Thank you again for your post it has helped me a great deal and to God be the Glory!!! You and your family are in my prayers. God bless!!!

  3. paintfm123 says:

    I have been receiving emails through a mutual friend. Ernest Griesel. I have been blessed and challenged by what the Lord has been talking to you. Today’s message was spot on! We have just experienced that in our community. God is so good to reveal these things to his servants the prophets. Jesus is Lord!! God’s blessing to you and your family. Love in Jesus our Lord. Lisa Graber

  4. Conrad Jr says:

    This was heart warming. God bless you

  5. PETER says:

    i don’t understand Juctice,why you would be given a name and where it came from,reying not to be judgemental here as a brother but i have heard some of your sermons and you seems honest and you share from the heart.i see many people in ministry put manes in front of nanes and wanted to ask you were you not happy with the bane your mother gave you?anyway names added can be footholds to our enemies;(flesh,satan,pride),tour spoken truth is appreciated and i thank you and would like to get to know you.peter.

  6. EVA says:

    köszönöm a szavakat amit ISTEN SZÓLT rajtad keresztül thank you from HUNGARY

  7. Gary says:

    Dear “Justice”,
    I was on the computer today & I was looking up some things on “prophecy & end times and U.S.” I came across your Youtube videos. I was very surprised by what you said in your videos brother. I liked the way you said things and am confirming that the things you said are very true. The Lord Jesus showed me some of the same things that you talked about on youtube. The Televangelists are preaching ‘watered down doctrine’ or no true doctrine at all, They only preach to those with ‘itching ears’ that want to hear some “new thing”…..& they run from false preacher to false preacher to fulfill their lusts. They have a penchant for lies, glamour, glitter, & hype. Their doctrine is wine mixed with the poison of asps. There is sooo much ‘non-sense’ in most denominations that it is remarkable that any get the Holy Ghost anymore. I am glad that you are teaching truth and eschewing error. I have done street ministry in several different states & preach and teach whenever the opportunity comes up. Most so-called churches seem to only worry about what goes in the offering plate; I’m not talking about those that don’t have the Spirit. I’m talking about those that “DO” have the Spirit….some of them are going away from truth to ‘easy-believe ism’; and gathering up money to get rich. They are like Balaam son of Beor, & Simon the sorcerer. I wonder if
    they have ever looked in the bible and seen that the Lord Jesus Christ “NEVER TOOL UP AN OFFERING”. Also, I don’t see Peter, Paul, Andrew, John, or any of the Apostles or disciples ever taking up offerings or ‘begging for money’. In fact Peter preached the Gospel for free (he said he gave the Gospel without charge). If you have huge buildings, cathedrals, or Mega Churches (they aren’t churches anyway…..the church of Jesus Christ is “People”. not buildings); then you need tons of money. Jesus’s church is built and maintained by people, because that is what it is. We are the church of the Lord Jesus Christ…we are his body. He only has “One body”…..its US! I’m so glad that Jesus has been moving in you and your wife. I thank Jesus for your posts on “Youtube.com”. Keep up the Good work! God bless you and your family. I’m glad there are more people out here preaching truth instead of error.

  8. Modupeola Asiru says:

    I am a seeker of this Great God. I believe in the Lord Jesus, baptized, and have the Holy Spirit with evidence in speaking in tongues. I have made many mistakes, but His eyes was on me. Still pressing in and want to use what is left of my life to please Him. I am touched by your testimony.

  9. Alexander P. says:

    Thank You.

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