There are some things we don’t like to talk about, and those are our failures in life. I want to talk about this one, because it was a problem to me. When I got back-slidden and I went away from Jesus, one of the bad things I did – I started smoking. And I regretted it, but I smoked for 12 years, the time that I was away from the Lord. But when I came back to Jesus, I wanted to stop smoking with all my heart.
The other sins that beset me were easy to set apart – I just stopped doing them, but people, I could not stop smoking, I could not kick the habit. I had tried so many times in my life before that to stop smoking, and then I was desperate to stop smoking because here I am, I’ve come back to Jesus – I’ve repented with all my heart, and I said”Lord, I want to serve you with all my heart,
but I got this stinking cigarette.”
And I smoked a pipe and all kinds of trash, but I couldn’t stop smoking, and it ate at me. I didn’t have confidence to pray anymore because all I tried, I just could not. It was a demon that was in me, the smoke was – it had me.
It affected my life as a Christian, as a disciple, because I’m dedicated to Jesus, but I can’t kick the habit. And I cried to God and said,
“Lord Jesus, please help me, I want to stop smoking.”
The more I prayed and the more I cried, the harder it became and I couldn’t stop smoking. It was just like an insurmountable problem to me.
Until one day I gave up and said,”Lord, I love You, and You know my heart -I want to serve You with all my life, and if I’m going to die smoking, that’s fine with me, but you know I love You and I want to follow You with all my heart.
I got my eyes off the smoke and my eyes onto Jesus. It was about a day or so later, two days, I cannot remember, I walked into a collegue’s office and he said to me –
“Jan, why do you smoke?”
I said, “Man, I hate it.”
He said, “Well, why don’t you just stop?”
I said, “What do you mean?”
He says, “Well, take that cigarette and tell it -I don’t need you, I don’t want you, get away from me.”
It sounds silly because I tried to stop smoking so many times before. I walked out and over to my office, and I sat there and I took this packet of cigarettes and I said – “You’re not my boss anymore, Jesus is my boss.”
I put it down and I never smoked again.
The smoke left me, I didn’t stop, that smoke demon left me because I got my eyes on Jesus. Where previously if I tried to stop smoking, I just had to put away all tobacco products from me, and if people smoked close to me,
then I got the craving.
I had no craving!
I had no withdrawal symptoms.
I never craved for smoking again.
Previously, I’d stop smoking for a few days,then somebody smokes a cigar in front of me, and then I could be, like, puffing, inhaling his smoke.
It was gone!
The smoke had left me.
My Friends, Jesus sets us free, but when we’ve got our eye on our problem, then our problem becomes big, HUGE – it becomes bigger than Christ. When we set our eyes on Christ to glorify Him and to satisfy Him, then these other things fall away like dirty rags. And I thank God not just for delivering me, just saying, “Lord, please deliver me from the smoke, and puff it goes – no.
He made me suffer, because we learn from what we suffer, and I suffered.
What I also learned from this is that many Christians are hypocrites, and I was a hypocrite.
Because they think, well, I’ve never sinned and I’m better than that guy – I was like that. But I had to come low to realize that I’m nothing, man, and that it is all about Jesus! I had to be addicted to that thing to realize only Jesus can set me free. It is not about anything else but about the Lordship of Jesus Christ, putting Him first in our lives, and then He delivers us from everything
The other thing is it’s not because you don’t smoke that God loves, it’s because your are pure in heart. It doesn’t bring you closer to God if you can attain your own holiness, no. It’s obedience that matters in the sight of God,and I had to learn first that I could not make myself acceptable to God by stopping smoking – I couldn’t!
I couldn’t help myself!
But when I handed it all over and I said – “Lord, I love you any way,” He
delivered me because He loves me. I’m nothing, My Friends – Jesus is everything.
My testimony is about Jesus and what Jesus has done for me and what He will do for you if you trust Him – it’s not about me.
Me, I’m a failure, but Jesus has picked me up and Jesus can use any old vessel that makes himself available to Christ, but we must come with a pure heart and submit ourselves to Christ. You don’t need to kick the habit – it will leave you by itself. Just get your eyes on Jesus, My Friend.
May Jesus Bless You.

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  1. Me says:

    I’m 23 I’ve been smoking since I was 14 at first I began because my friend wanted to start so to appear cool I’d practice smoking (Sounds silly I know) And then we’d smoke together it was never an addiction to begin with because I was in control but then years went by while my friends quit I found myself choosing to continue smoking anyway and before I knew it this stick had me in bondage and it was in control of me. It controlled my mood swings if I don’t have a smoke I feel down and when I have a smoke I feel happy. I’d love to stop smoking and even prayed to God about it but a part of me is scared to stop because I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it I grew to enjoy it and my life without smoking seems almost scary (Lame I know) I do want to stop though but don’t think I’ve got the will power. I’m glad God set you free from the nasty addiction you seemed determined to want to… Whereas me I want to stop but without any withdrawal symptoms and at the same time I’ll miss smoking 😦

    • I wanted to stop smoking because it was affecting my relationship with Jesus. I did not want anything to stand between me and Jesus.

    • john lundin says:

      PLEASE READ PLEASE !!!! SORRY SO LONG BUT ITS MY SOUL!! you told my testimony ,word for word!!!! wow! CHRIST took all things of the world away ,OVER NIGHT!! the drugs,the trash on tv, the porn even the music that i loved sooooo much !!! theres is much more to my testimony but for another time or if you would like to know , john lundin 12 . i backslide too ,more than once but i was very very very blessed that my heart ,did not, ” wax cold or harden , in fact it got softer !!! sooo blessed , i came running back and each time i learned something new i did NOT HAVE A CLUE B4, but i could not stop SMOKING !!!!! I PRAYED AND PARYED AND CRIED ON MY KNEES!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? LORD did you take away the hard drugs ,the fornication ,the lies, the stealing and I A SHY PERSON , even started telling everyone about THE WORD !! I WAS AND STILL AM SO HUNGRY FOR GOD AND HIS SON OUR LORD !! I LOVE ,I FORGIVE ,THE HOLY SPIRIT SHOWS ALL TRUTH!! am in the word allll day every day ,i drive my wife and kids crazy about GOD ,i know now i had to go to jail drugs and lots of suffering ” to come to him!!” or i would HAVE NEVER EVER TURN TO MY LORD MY SAVOIR!! CUz if i had not gone thru any of those things ,my pride would have said ,why pray or turn to GOD cuz all is well!! make sense?? but GOD HAD OTHER PLANS FOR ME AND SO DRUGS WAS THE KNOCK AT MY DOOR TO OPEN IT AND BEGAN MY REAL PURPOSE , REPENT CONFESS AND BE A PERFCT exsample that if ,this ex addict junkie thief ect can change ,ANYONE CAN BUT ONLY THRU YAHSHUA AKA THE WORD AKA JESUS [ HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS AND KNOWS WHO YOU MEAN] but could not stop smoking and my son said dad just stop…..ok but here lays the promblem ,ill stop but it will be IN VAIN!!!!! AND NOT A TRUE FREEDOM ,THE CRAVINGS WONT LEAVE AND ILL BE MISERABLE!!! AND IT WOULD BE BY BURDEN!!! AND NOT LIKE THE FREEDOM GOD GAVE Me WITH ALLL THE OTHER THINGS HE TOOK AWAY !!! AND THATS A BIG DEAL TO ME!!! I PRAY NOT TO JUST STOP BUT STOP WITHOUT BURDEN AND CRAVING ,ITS ALMOST LIKE AM STILL SMOKING!!! DOES ANYONE GET WHAT I MEAN BY THIS?? ITS WRONG!! i can stop but i wont be free and will always be thinking to smoke and that means ,i stop in vain!!!!!! what am i missing ? do i keep smoking until he takes it away ? like a true blessing or do i stop on my own will ,that is not his will but mines!!! i know he wants me to stop but thru his will NOT MINES!!!! IS IT A FAITH THING?? PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE REPLY IF YOU KnOW WHAT AM GETTING AT CUZ I COULD NOT STOP THE DRUGS THE MUSIC ,THE WORLDLY UNGODLY THINgS IN MY LIFE ,UNTILL GOD STEPPED IN AND TOOK IT AWAY AND GAVE ME A GIFT!!!! THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ANOTHER THING …i did not pray for this gift!!!! i always believed in GOD BUT NEVER THOUGHT I WAS WORTHY OF BEING CHOSEN BY HIM CUZ WE ARE CHOSEN AND NOT US CHOSING HIM,KJV MATTHEW KJV THE ELECT……i found out the next day when i told my mother ,something wonderful happened to me the nite b4 and she said …AMEN!!!!!!! AND I SAID WHATS GOING ON!!!! SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE AND HER CHURCH HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR Me FOR 10 YEARS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! REALLY!!!!! AND GOD ANSWERED HER AND THE CHURCHES PRAYERS CUZ I WASENT PRAYING ,IN FACT I WAS ON MY WAY TO ……….HELL!!!!!!! am not by any means a near straight path child of GOD BUT I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND I LEFT THE WORLD !!!! I MEAN GOD IS 24 /7 IN MY LIFE NOT JUST ONE OR 2 DAYS . I WAKE UP ON MY KNEES AND I FALL ASLEEP WITH HEAD PHONES ,OF HIS WORD IN MY EARS , IDK but i can NOT be away from him at all ,not even for 30 minutes or i get lost and i feel unsafe and alone ,no peace or comfort!!!! am i crazy or being decevied ,?? but it feels oh so rite ,even when i am going thru some real deep stuff from my past ,i pray and hes there with peace and comfort ,even in court cuz am going thru some court and maybe jail and b4 ,i would run , run to drugs but now am at court and ready for whatever cuz i know i just know GOD IS THERE AND HES THE REAL JUDGE,,,,WOW !!! ONLY IF YOU KNEW ME B4!!! AM CRYING CUZ AM NOT THE SAME, WHAT HAPPENED , MY MOTHER HEARS GODS VOICE FOR MANY YEARS AND TOLD HER YEARS AGO [ DO NOT WORRIE ABOUT JOHN! I HAVE HIM! } WHAT?!!?? AND NOW I BELIEVE HER ,,,BUT what about the others!!!!!!!! my heart cries and cries and thats why i cant go to the super market for 5 minutes cuz i come out 45 minutes later and my wife ,says,what took you?and i tell her ,people are hurting everywhere and i will NOT I WILL NOT AT ALL WALK ON BY WHEN THE HOLY SPIRIT OPENS THE DOOR TO SHARE AND HELP A LOST SOUL …..I CANT ,ITS NOT IN ME ANYMORE NOT TO CARE…..PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME YOUR INPUT OF TRUTH AND ONLY PURE TRUTH FROM A HOLY SPIRIT FILLED PERSON AND WHY WHY CANT I STOP THE SMOKING WITHOUT IT BEING A BURDEN??? CUZ I can stop but it will not be with my heart,does anyone know what i mean?? its like AM STILL IN THE WORLD IF I SMOKE EVEN ONE CIG AND THATS LUKE WARM AND AM SO SCARED OF GODS WRATH!!!! AND NOT MANS BUT I CANNOT COME B4 HIM WITH DIRTY RAGES…..THANK YOU ,BIG CAPS CUZ ITS OF BIG IMPORTANTS AND AM NOT YELLING BUT AM LOUD FOR THE GLORY OF WHAT GOD HAS DONE IN SUCH LIL TIME , CUZ MAYBE WE JUST RAN OUT OF TIME …..HUMANITY!!! HOLY SPIRIT IS TALKING TO MY HEART BIGTIME ,,,,,,GOODS WRATH IS ON STAND BY!!!!!!!! please reply if YOU UNDERSTAND WHY ,ICAN NOT STOP BY BURDEN ..IT HAS TO BE A REAL DELIVERENCE…..AND ,AM I JUST GOING THREW A TEMPOPARY PHASE IN MY HEART OR IS GOD REALLY WORKIING IN MY HEART SO QUIK AND FATHFULL ,,I DONT WANT THE WORLD THE MONEY THE CARS NOT EVEN THE LUTS OF FLESH….DID GOD SAVE ME??? I DO NOT FEEL TO EVER GIVE UP AND MISS THE EVIL WORLD OF SIN BUT I STILL SIN IN MY HEART SOMETIMES…..BUT QUIK TO CONFESS ON MY KNEES WITH ALL MY HEART FOR MERCY,,,,,,

  2. Kelly thompson says:

    I know i want to stop smoking and no i cant do it on my own i’v tried everything, my faith in jesus and becoming to know him is astounding why do i fear i cant quit

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks Jan. the Lord has relieved me of smoking pot, pornography and tv in February just after my 40th birthday. All this happened in a span of 4days. I had been praying to be relieved of pornography for a long while on and off but the relief of tv and smoking pot i did not pray for. I am very thankfull to be relieved of all 3 and in awe of how He works. Why Jesus had mercy on a sinner like me, i don’t know. But i will seek him with all my heart. I have always believed in Him and always trusted in Him since a young age and it wasn’t a religious faith. I rarely went to church but my parents always told me that everything was in God’s hands.

    I am struggling to quit smoking cigarettes and have been praying and wondering why He hasn’t releived me of this disgusting habit. Much of what you say i can relate to. I thank you for your message of encouragement.

    I have watched you and warningthepeople on youtube. I enjoy your messages very much. I had a dream in March where i diped an artists paint brush in paint and tasted it. I didn’t like the taste. Didn’t make sense to me till i heard you say ” if you are part of a church then you are painted with the same brush” on one of your messages. That line really struck a chord with me.

    May Yeshua bless you and keep you Jan


    • Jesus is faithful, He cares for us and will help us IF we just seriously call on Him.
      May Jesus bless you much.

      • elias says:

        We have to be careful about what we ask Jesus. For the last 20 years i was a gym addict and this year i realized it was because of vanity. I couldn`t stop going and losing my time, 12 hours a week. In January 2015 I asked Jesus to help me stop going to the gym; after a couple weeks, i got an injury which has put me away from the gym forever according to doctors; now i can only swim, but i dont like it. I now have more time for Jesus.

  4. Stephen says:

    Greetings from Canada Jan. Just wanted to update the smoking situation. After praying to the Lord Jesus for a little while he has afflicted me with a sickness that makes smoking a cigarette a guarantee to puke. Just the the thought of smoking a cigarette makes me gag. Unfortunately, i am as sick as a dog and sore to the point of crying, but i’ll take it. I deserve it and feel blessed for this lesson now, and not a diagnosis of cancer 10 years down the road. It’s only been 4 days but i pray he chastises me to the point where i will not smoke again. Once again i would like to thank you for your good work Jan. May Yeshua continue to bless you and your ministry and may the Father be pleased with you.
    PS It’s not so hard to come out of the world when you see through Yeshuas eyes that the world is not so pretty or fun. The world is quite disgusting actually. Blessings

  5. Amen! Hold on to Jesus, dear friend, We must endure until the end. If we STAY with Jesus He will guide us through every step of the way. He never said it would be easy but He promised never to leave us, nor to forsake us.
    May Jesus bless you.

  6. Adele says:

    Please pray that Jesus would help me too! I beg of you!

  7. Adele says:

    my willpower gets attacked SO BADLY! i NEED TO STOP SMOKING!!!!!!!

  8. Stephen says:

    Greetings Jan. just wanted to let you know that it’s been 45 days smoke free. The best part is NOT being a slave to tobacco. The devil is trying his best to get me though, he’s been attacking me through my wife and then he gets my co-worker to offer cigarettes to me as soon as my wife sends me a negative text message at work. If i didn’t know any better i’d chalk it up to councidence. I got my eyes on Jesus and i’m listening and praying for an ear to hear. I know He’s communicating with me in dreams and i’m praying for discernment and that He reveal the difficult onrs to me.
    Been enjoying your messages on youtube. I don’t understand how people attack you for promoting holyness and rightiousness and pointing everyonne to Jesus and not yourself. They take what you say and twist it up snd accuse you falsely with their made up lies. I have never heard you say or imply that you are without sin and that the Bible is useless.
    My spirit understands what your saying Jan and it lines up with scripture. Nothing false there.
    Thank you for sticking up for Jesus Jan and glory to God for your blessings. Keep up the good work of encouraging and pointing people to Jesus Christ our saviour and only hope. And thank you for your blog here which pointed me in the right direction with my quit smoking problem.
    May Jesus bless you and keep you.

  9. Hold on to Jesus, dear friend. Do not give up. The devil will NEVER stop tempting us and trying to derail or distract us. We must just stay WITH Jesus,
    May Jesus bless you.

  10. Desna says:

    Hello, I have been smoking for over ten years but in the last few years God has really been dealing with me on it. Over the last year smoking has almost become a burden on me, I really don’t desire to do it anymore, but my flesh seems so weak. While The Lord has been blessing me spiritually, I still feel so unworthy because of my smoking. I’ve tried, but failed. I’ve recently been asked to be a deacon at my church. Spiritually I think I’m fit for the job per say, but flesh wise I feel liken I’m leading adouble life. The Lord has also been dealing with me on the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues. I had a break through over this past weekend which confirmed that The Lord issue blessing me in that way. However, smoking has got to go. I want all the spiritual gifts God has in store for me so that I can let my light shine truly. I haven’t bought a pack in 24hrs but I sent my husband to for me and he hates it, I do to. I give up on trying. I feel that pray, anointing my head and some serious fasting is going to get me where I want to be. Any suggest or encouraging words would be helpful on my smoke free journey.

    • Friend,
      Get your focus on Jesus and on being pleasing to Him. Have you repented and been baptized in water for washing off of your sin? Are you living holy, righteously and devoted to Jesus or is your life about yourself? If we are really serious about living for Jesus we will spare no cost and nothing would be too much sacrifice to be pleasing to Jesus. It starts with how serious we are about following Him.
      May Jesus bless you.

      • April says:

        Amen!!! I smoked for 13 years eventually I got sick and tired of it. I was once a devout hindu and a few years back I had a change of heart and decided to accept jesus into my life. At that time I was still a smoker. I desperately wanted to quit I decided to ask the lord to help me quit and to get this demon out of my body. It was sucking the life out of me, I knew it I could feel it. I begged the Lord and prayed everyday to help me to stop. One morning I woke up and decided this is the day I will never ever put another cigarette into my mouth. I have been smoke free for a year without any withdrawal symptoms. Praise the Lord for delivering me from this addiction I had.

  11. Reblogged this on carolmariev11 and commented:
    I am 68 years old and have started smoking again after over 20 years of being delivered. I cannot stop. I am wondering if God will deliver me again even though he did once and I returned. I feel like such a hypocrite and it is hurting my faith and my walk with God because I have failed Him big time

  12. Jennifer R says:

    Thank you all for this post, I’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer and I was still smoking. I begin chemotherapy Tuesday. I’m asking God to deliver me from this addiction, from; fear, anxiety, depression, all that has bound me for so many years. I have faith that Jesus will heal all of this in me for my asking.

  13. Benoy says:

    Greetings Jan… I am an Indian a Hindu by religion but my relationship with Jesus almighty is way long. I am addicted to smoking since 20 years what just started out for fun turned serious addiction I cant stop thinking life with out smoking and this very thought makes me feel disgusted. I read the testimonials and your blog and somehow I felt a voice inside me telling GIVE ME A CHANCE I WILL HELP YOU, it’s time perhaps I will hold on to Jesus for this I will quit smoking for Jesus I will. Please pray for me and likewise me everyone who’s gathered here with this problem. Amen

  14. Jane says:

    Thіѕ іs a topіc which is near tto my heart…
    Thank you! Exactly where are yߋur contact dedtails though?

  15. Richard says:

    This really resonated with me, my story. I didn’t start smoking till I was 18. A friend of mine asked me to buy him a pack of smokes, and I did. He gave me one, and it wasn’t so much that I liked the cigarette so much as I felt I was part of the group so long as I had that cigarette in my hand. The habit became out of control. I’d blow through 2-3 packs a day. My mom found my stash one day, and gave me a good tounge lashing and confiscated everything and that didn’t even come close to stopping me. 10 years later, now married with my first born on the way. My wife, who had many men in her family die from cancer insisted that I quit. I agreed, but that cigarette had other plans. I became quite efficient at hiding my habit. Eventually she caught me and threatened to leave me, saying she wasn’t going to sit around and watch me die. So I quit. I got myself back into church, but I kept God at arms reach. I really couldn’t tell you why but I did.

    Recently my wife left me. I became so angry and so bitter, the day she walked out… I bought a pack of cigarettes and have been smoking for the last 3 months. I’m going back to church, again, finally. But ivfeel so distant, and I know what’s holding me back, but it’s got such a hold on me. I keep saying this is the last day, I’m not a smoker. But myplan hasn’t included Jesus, and the cigarette always wins. Today I’m trying again, I’m praying Jesus take this thing away from me. That Jesus become my king! Please remember me in your prayers if you would. Glad I found this.

  16. Tremaine Theriot says:

    Thank u so much for your prayer’s and words of encouragement. I will pray this prayer & wait and watch God change me from a smoker to a non smoker. I will keep you posted on my road to recovery. Thanks again

  17. I delight in, cause I found just what I used to be looking for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  18. spotlightreferral says:

    Great Testimony, sometimes we need reminded who’s in charge. I needed this for something else. God Bless!

  19. B.A. says:

    God bless you for your testimony. While I was reading I was thinking how grateful I was that I stumbled on your blog and how honest you were. Thank God for your boldness. May God continue to bless you.

  20. Mandy says:

    I’m almost 32 and I’ve been smoking since I was 15. I smoke a lot. It’s like an obsession, yet, I despise it. I don’t even know why I do it. I’ve tried over the years to quit, even going to smoking cessation meetings so I could get my free patches or gum.
    I always go back to smoking.
    I have been questioning my salvation due to my habitual sin of smoking and I feel it’s hindering my spiritual growth and I know that God is wanting me to quit, yet I never do.
    I pray to not desire to want my cigarettes and it never works.
    I woke up the other morning with a limp in my throat/neck and I’m terrified it’s something, yet, I know it’s be a consequence of my sin.
    I know that we are to put off our old nature and not gratify the desires of the flesh and surrender ourselves to Christ, but I never seem to surrender the temptation of smoking to Him. And I’m scared that I’ll die of cancer because I can’t overcome my temptation.
    I just wish I never smoked. My kids are young and I’m selfish and they deserve better. Please keep me in your prayers that I will quit smoking. Thank you.

  21. Daniel Brooks says:

    Thank you for that. I’m in the same situation that you were in before. Lots of other sins jut fell off like dead flies, but the smoking thing just wouldn’t go away. Still hasn’t. But this gives me hope, and gives me a different perspective. It reminds me of Peter starting to sink when he focused on the waves instead of Jesus. I pray this happens for me also, that Jesus delivers me of smoking, because it feels like a real detriment to my testimony, as I’m sure you felt also.
    Please pray that I would focus on Jesus and not on the waves, the cigarettes, the failures, myself. Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings, Lord and king over smoking, and Lord and king over me.

  22. Susan says:

    Thank you for your testimony. I’ve been going through the same hell you described trying so hard until I couldn’t bare it anymore. So many failures after wetting and throwing them away so many times. Reading scripture over and over so ashamed I couldn’t bare to read anymore so convicted and feeling helpless and wondering what’s wrong with my faith because I really believed. I am going to surrender this burden to the Lord and focus on Him. It’s now his problem because he knows I want this evil thing gone. I even have COPD and wear oxegen and can’t free myself. Thank you for sharing, testimonials are precious and life savi
    ng when people are transparent and not religious. God Bless you! 💜💜💜😇😇😇

  23. Marla says:

    I started smoking when I had troubles in my life I have bipolor and started smoking at 34 years I have been smoking for twelve years not paying attention of what it can do to me later in life I got scared when I started losing my teeth and felt like as was doomed and still feel that way we are gods temple we either take care of it or destroy it I feel like I have destroyed my body in smoking I always felt desire to know God and serve him but don’t believe I have a relationship with him I dont know how to call or feel like I want or even know how to resist temptation anymore I really feel stuck and in circles how to I know that I can enter a relationship with jesus people around me and my family don’t read the bible or fellowship with me I need a lot of help!, thankyou

  24. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for this! It was like you were telling my story, or at least the previous quit part. I have been struggling SO much. I have hope now, because I realize now where I wasnt doing enough. Thank Again!!!!

  25. Phil says:

    I started smoking because I hated my life, but then a year later I found YHWH and then the almighty sent me to Jesus and I learnt a lot about the word, I then discovered that I wanted to be better for Jesus then I prayed with all my heart to stop smoking then threw my cigarettes in the trash never smoked since. Praise Jesus.

  26. Sam says:

    Your testimony has inspired me to quit smoking… again. I am in a tough spot as I’m sure your familiar with, yesterday I repented and asked for god to take the problem from me, that I want to serve him with all my heart. I tore up my last cigarette and told it that I don’t serve you I serve Jesus. I quit for a total of something like four hours and I bought a trying to figure out what’s missing why Jesus is allowing me to be tempted still. I realize that I am powerless in the matter as every time I’ve quit I’ve started again. I’ve got a brick wall and don’t know what to do. I’ve told Jesus that I will love him even if I smoke for the rest of my life. Thank you for your story and may god bless you for your teachings, take care friend.

  27. Hello, I have just returned to this site after quite a while and I just read this blog about how difficult it is to stop smoking cigarettes. I am sorry that I never came back to report that, thanks to the Power of the Lord, Jesus I stopped totally on February 2,2019. I had been praying for help for a long time and also praying that my husband would quit as well, but to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really expect him to quit. Well on that day, February 2, I came out of my prayer closet as I had done every day for years and usually I would promptly go out my pool deck and light up. On this particular February day, I didn’t. I walked past the door that led outside and that was the last day of my smoking. A few months later, my husband, who at the time was still an unbeliever, stopped smoking as well! I just thought that I should have shared this before and I am still praising God!

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