Why ONE SIN can make you end up in HELL

I want to tell you why ONE SIN can make you end up in hell, and this is for Christians, This is for followers and believers of Jesus Christ, because we are called to obedience to Christ, that is what a Christian is called for. Before you came to Jesus you were just a sinner, you didn’t belong to Christ but once you have committed yourself to Jesus and you repented of sin and you repented of yourself and your own ways then you have died to self, you are not interested any more in doing your own affairs. You are committed to obedience to Jesus Christ. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, they are the children of God, not just believers. The devil believes but he doesn’t OBEY and if we follow Jesus we obey Him because we repent of sin and we come into total obedience to Jesus. We are baptized, baptized in the Holy Spirit, first baptized in water and receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, if we pray and we ask the Lord for it and then we are guided by the Spirit of God and that makes you a disciple. is when you are guided by the Spirit of God.

Now if you as a disciple decide to disobey Christ you are not a disciple, then you are disobedient and God will not excuse disobedience, not from His children. He will chastise us if we disobey Him He will chastise us and He will chastise us severely. The reason why He chastises us is is so that we can share in His holiness and that we do not end up in judgment with the world. That is the advantage of being a follower of Jesus, is that you will not be judged with the world, if you obey. If you disobey you will come into judgment. So the only way that you will skip judgment and end up in hell, is if you OBEY but if you disobey you have depleted the grace of God because you KNOW what is wrong and you DELIBERATELY disobeyed.

How do you know what is right? Because you have got the Bible, yes it is written in the Bible but you have got the Holy Spirit of God in you that is convicting you. He said:”The spirit of Truth that I will send you from the Father, will guide guide you into all righteousness.” Now the reason why many believers are not living righteous is because they do not have the Holy Spirit or because they disobey the Holy Spirit. Now if you disobey the Holy Spirit you are directly disobedient to God.

What happened to satan? He was one of the sons of God. He was thrown out of heaven like a bolt of lightning when he rebelled against God. What happened to Adam? He died! What happened to Esau when he despised his first birth right? He lost it and even when he wanted to have it back, with tears later, he couldn’t have it because he despised it. If we despise the grace of God and we despise the Holy Spirit of Christ inside of us, who guides us into righteousness, we have no excuse, my friends. God will chastise us severely, If we listen and we repent we are saved, if we continue in our disobedience we will be judged with the world. ONE SIN WILL TAKE YOU INTO HELL, my friend. God knows your heart, we all make mistakes, but the Holy Spirit will tell you IMMEDIATELY He will warn you, then you have got to OBEY. Making the mistake is not the issue, DISOBEDIENCE is the issue. Making a mistake is human but being disobedient is deliberate rebellion and God does not tolerate rebellion. Disobedience will not be tolerated by the Holy Spirit. A child of God must OBEY Jesus Christ every moment of his life and if you day that god is not that strict you don’t know God, my friend. You have never met Him. God is a consuming fire and if He lives inside of you FIRE lives in you and you are holy like He is holy. There is no way that you are going to come into the presence of God with any sin on you. The moment you do sin or the moment you re disobedient to the Holy Spirit you are away from the presence of God because you yourself have separated yourself from God through your sin. The only way you can get back in to the presence of God is by SERIOUS REPENTANCE and you have got to do it while you have got the time. If you do wrong and you continue in your wrong the wages of sin is death and you will die eternally in HELL.

Repent, my friend and stay in repentance and be acutely aware and tuned in to the Holy Spirit of God in you. Focus on Jesus every moment of your life. Pray that you do not fall into temptation. Stay with Jesus every moment of your life. Keep your eyes on Him and He will keep you and you will enter the kingdom of heaven. Narrow is the door, narrow, and few there be that find it. Jesus bless you.

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