Why you need the Holy Spirit

Eternal life is BEING CONNECTED WITH GOD ALMIGHTY. God is Spirit. The Holy Spirit is His Spirit. The only way that we can have the Holy Spirit is through Jesus Christ. If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and our Master then He baptizes us in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God who then comes and dwells in us IF we keep our relationship with Him RIGHT.

What separates us from God is SIN. No sin can come into the presence of God. Only Jesus can take away our sin. The only way that we can come into the presence of God is if we get rid of sin. We must REPENT, STOP SINNING altogether, plead Jesus forgiveness, be BAPTIZED IN WATER and then He will BAPTIZE US IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, He will connect us with the Father who will dwell in us by His Spirit. He will make of His Spirit to dwell in us so that we can be connected to Him and have eternal life. But SIN will always separate us from God.

If we sin we are separated from God. Even if we have repented and have received the Holy Spirit, IF WE SIN WE ARE SEPARATED FROM GOD, because no sin can come into the presence of God. If we sin or disobey God then that sin and disobedience comes between us and God and separates us. We grieve the Holy Spirit and He LEAVES US. We must live in UTTER HOLINESS and in UTTER OBEDIENCE to Him. Our relationship with God is a SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP through PRAYER, through CONSTANT PRAYER. We maintain that relationship by LISTENING, by FOLLOWING and OBEYING the GUIDANCE and the DIRECTION of the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of God.

Any disobedience, any sin, any impurity SEPARATES US from the PRESENCE OF God. We must live in UTTER HOLINESS to maintain that relationship. That is what eternal life is about. It is about absolute holiness, obedience, righteousness and purity. Then we can stay in the presence of God but if we allow anything to come between us and God then we are separated from Him. We must STAY PURE, STAY HOLY and STAY OBEDIENT to have ETERNAL LIFE. Without holiness no man shall see God.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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