Church is just a show – an empty shell

most people “church” is the substance of their faith. The first thing any
Christian asks you is: Which church do you belong to? If you don’t belong to a
church there is something wrong with you. They don’t know how to classify you,
which box to fit you into. If you say you belong to Jesus they are totally

is just a show. Every brand of Christianity has it’s own flavor. People
are  born into a denomination or they choose
a flavor to taste. Every denomination presents God in their own way. They cater
for different tastes and compete for membership. The sad reality is that all
the churches are empty shells that offer no eternal benefit to the membership.
Unless a person gets into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he is
damned for eternity.

only way to get to know the real God and Savior, Jesus Christ is through a
constant close personal relationship. Most church people will be sadly
disappointed when they meet Jesus and He says to them: Go away I never knew

membership adds noting to your salvation or relationship with Jesus. In fact,
it could be a distraction. If church attendance does not bring you into a
closer relationship with Jesus and holy living, it is a fatal distraction that
will cause you to end up in hell. Without holiness, nobody shall see God, no
sinful person shall go into heaven.

Jesus can cleanse you and make you suitable to enter heaven. All that matters
is your relationship with Jesus. You relationship with Jesus starts when you
repent of sin and invite Jesus into your heart. Unless you have had an
experience when Jesus came into your heart and cleansed you, so that you knew
you had met Him, you have not met Jesus yet. Salvation is a Spiritual
experience that happens in your heart. You connect with Jesus which results in
an inner transformation. You love Jesus and are not interested in the things of
the world any more.

relationship with Jesus grows through a constant focus on Him, who lives in you
by His Spirit. His Spirit in you will guide you into righteousness and remind
you of the words of Jesus, which are written in the gospels, Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John. If you do wrong the Holy Spirit in your heart will be grieved
and you will be unhappy, fearful. If you repent and ask forgiveness you will
have peace in your heart.

of this has nothing to do with the show at church or with doctrines, church
attendance, church flea markets or money.

 The true church, the body of Christ are, those
believers who are in a constant relationship with Jesus. When they meet each
other they have fellowship, but their greatest desire at all times is to have
fellowship with Jesus Christ and spend time with Him in prayer, being guided
into holiness and fruitfulness by the Holy Spirit.

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