Not fit for meat

Many Christians are not fit for meat, they are spiritual
babes and some of them are not even babes anymore they are ready to be cut off.
We read in Hebrews 5:12 “For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have
need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of
God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.”

There are so many Christians today that have been on the
road for 20-30 years and they have never grown in Christ they are basically
spiritually dead. They are living a life of falling and getting up they are
battling with sin in their lives. They love their TV and everything around them
much more than Christ. Those people are spiritually not even immature, they are
spiritually dead.

Jesus said that the branch that does not bear fruit will be
cut off. We need to wake up and decide whether we want to follow Jesus Christ
or not. There is so many people that have a lot of Bible knowledge but they
have never applied anything off it. They just keep on reading the scriptures,
they know the scriptures well but they are not doing what is written there. You
can teach anybody scriptures whether he is a believer or not he can teach the
scriptures and he can reason on it. But he might just be spiritually dead, I
speak from my own experience. When I was backslidden and I still knew the
scriptures well I knew them as well as Satan himself and I was always arguing
with people instead of following Christ myself and there are many of my
brothers and sisters out there.

My friend you are commenting on my videos and writins, but
you are far from Christ. You are judging yourself and I am warning you, my
heart goes out to you I cry for you because I use to be where you are right now
I was a commentator, I sat on the side I was just saying and telling everybody
what they should do and I never did it. Many Christians are like that, they are
full of the Word (Bible) but they don’t have a Word from God, they are full of
the Book, they got the Book in their mind but they haven’t got Jesus Christ in
their hearts and they are not listening to His voice either. Those are the
people that need to repent and come back to Christ. They think that if they can
comment, they know the scriptures, they have ten versions of the Bible, they
studied Greek and they really have insight in the scriptures, they think they
are going to heaven they are not my friend.


Spiritual meat is being guided by the Holy Spirit, it is
knowing Jesus Christ personally, hearing His voice, following Him. If you don’t
know His voice my friend then you are not one of His sheep, you are an educated
sinner that’s all you are. You are just an educated person who got the Bible in
your head and you are not following Christ and you are on your way to hell. Either
we follow Jesus Christ and we obey Him all the way, we are guided by His Spirit
and we yield to Him every day or we are just not His followers. Jesus has one
standard my friend and that is: If you want to come after Me, you deny yourself
every day, every day, you pick up your cross and you follow Him. He is not
interested in how well you know your Bible. He is interested in whether you are
listening to Him. He doesn’t need you to go and recite scriptures to convert
people. You can maybe convert a person to your church or to your doctrine.
There are many doctrines in this world thousands of doctrines in this world and
very few people who knows Jesus Christ. You can convert a person to your
doctrine, make him a member of your church, make him sign a covenant with your
church but if you didn’t take him to Jesus Christ he is as lost as you are. I
am crying for you because many people, many people who call themselves
Christians have no knowledge of Christ. They have never heard His voice and
they don’t want to hear His voice. How many preachers have I not spoken to and
they say: I have never heard God speak to me. But he is happy because he is an
ordained minister he got a certificate on the wall but he doesn’t have Christ
in his heart. He is a sinner and he is on his way to hell, he has denied Christ
who called him and he will end up in hell my friend because Jesus called us to
obedience to Him not to knowledge of the scriptures.

It is about knowing Christ it is about following Him every
day, about loving Jesus, denying yourself, serving your brothers and sisters
not castigating them. If you care about your brother and your sister you will
be praying for them. You won’t be criticizing them. If you care about them, you
will be looking after them, you will see their need, you will feel their pain
you will be worried about them. I worried about you guys that criticize me all
the time because you are not doing what Jesus called you to do. If you were
following Jesus Christ you would bring sinners to repentance. You would not
pitching a fight against me or anybody else I don’t want to fight you, I cry
for you I tell you come to Jesus my friend come eat meat. Let Jesus speak to
you. Man shall not live from bread alone but from every Word that proceeds from
the Mouth of God and if you don’t hear God speak to you then you are at the
wrong place my friend. Then you are not a servant of the King. You need to get
on your knees, speak to Jesus say: Lord I am coming home before it is too late,
because the door is closing friends and if you do not do what Jesus called you
to do you are disobedient and He will not tolerate any disobedience.

It doesn’t matter what other people told you or what your
doctrine says or what you read from your Bible because you can read what you like
you can pull out of this Bible, whatever you like my friend but let me tell you
one thing. When God speaks to you God has spoken to you, and you cannot deny
Him. Jesus will say to you: What did I say to you? You will say: It is written
He will say: What did I say to you? You know very well what God has spoken into
your heart my friend you can fool me and you can fool the world but you cannot
fool Jesus Christ. You are going to stand in front of Him and you are going to
talk to Him and you will have nothing to say.

It is time my friends, it is time to get serious, get
on your knees submit yourself before a Living God and stop playing games It’s
not a game, this is reality. Jesus Christ is coming soon and people are playing
church. Don’t think because everybody else are playing that God is playing God
is not playing. God is furious He is furious at Christians who are not
Christians but they are scribes and Pharisees and they serve themselves and not
the Kingdom of God. I am warning you with pain in my heart I cry for you. Come
to Jesus get on your knees, repent of yourself never mind sin, yourself, deny
yourself pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ. Stop playing games stop
playing with sin get serious with Jesus before it is too late my friend.

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