Do you know His ways?

There has never been a time in the history of man, when so many people were well educated. There has never been as much knowledge available across the world, there was never a time where so many people had Bibles, or access to the truth as today. If you don’t have a Bible, you have access to the Internet and to various other ways to find the truth about Jesus Christ, how to be saved and spend eternity with Jesus Christ in Paradise. Yet it is exactly the same as it was in the days of Old Testament Israel. There was so much knowledge available amongst the children of Israel about God, yet they never got to know His ways. Sadly exactly the same thing is happening to Christians today.


All of Israel more than six hundred thousand men were saved from slavery from Egypt. They went through the red sea, followed Moses. They were delivered, received the law of Moses, God accompanied them, He sent His Spirit with them to guide them and teach them through the wilderness. Yet, of those many people only two went through into the Promised Land. Exactly the same is happening today. So many Christians have been guided through from Egypt, from the world, they have been baptized many of them have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. We got so many Bibles and the knowledge of God is so freely available. There are so many people who know the Bible, who know the law, yet the reason why God struck down Israel in the desert in the wilderness was because He said they never got to know His ways and therefore He struck them down. Exactly the same today. People have the Bible, many Christians have walked the route, they have gone through the red sea they have accepted Jesus Christ, they have converted to Christianity or they have decided to follow Jesus. Many of them are been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but they are not guided by the Holy Spirit of their own free will.


Israel never got to know the ways of God. God taught, them that’s the reason He took them through the wilderness, to teach them His ways. The only way we get to know Jesus Christ is through a close relationship with Him. People embrace their Bibles, they embrace their own knowledge.  Israel had the law, they had the Spirit of God guiding them. There was this cloud by day, they had the shade by day and the light at night that accompanied them on their way. They were fed, they received manna from heaven every day, yet they never got to know God Himself, they wouldn’t. Continuously they were looking back in their hearts they were longing for Egypt, for the fleshpots of Egypt.


Many Christians today are not walking with Jesus, they have been delivered from the world, they have been delivered from slavery, they are free to serve God. Many of them have followed all the way, they are in the wilderness they, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, many of them know the voice of God but they don’t want to listen they don’t want to hear it. Sadly exactly the same thing that happened to Israel will happen to us because people never got to know the ways of Jesus Christ. The only way that we get to know Him is through walking with Him closely, following Him, keeping our eyes on Him. Christians are focused on a lot of things, exactly the same as the world, they are not focused on Christ. If I am not focused on Christ, if Jesus Christ does not determined my whole life, if my whole mind is not occupied with Him, if my mind is not set on Jesus Christ, then my mind is set on the world, it is set on myself, it is set on my own ways. Only the mind that is set on Jesus Christ can please Him. He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life and He is the Door. Have you found the Door? Are you walking with the Door, am I walking with the Door? Jesus is the only One who will allow me into heaven. If I walk with Him, if I stay with Him every moment, if I get to know Him intimately, if I allow Him to teach me, day by day and take me through the narrow places, the difficult times. There will be some good times, but most of them will be difficult times, why?  I have to learn character, I have to learn to trust Him. It is easy to trust God when you have a big bank account and when you have a loaf of white bread under your arm. It’s more difficult to trust God when you got a terminal illness. It’s more difficult when you don’t know your way out, when you don’t see no future and your only option is to look up to God, your only help is Jesus Christ. He will put you through those narrow places, He will put you through those circumstances where you need to choose. He will put you through those places where you are lean where there is nothing, to see if you are longing to go back to the world. You will be shunned, you will be persecuted, you will be kicked out, people will hate you, they will scorn you for His Name’s sake. How will you handle it? The only way that we can be proven is through being tested. Israel went into the wilderness to be tested and sadly most of them were struck down in the wilderness because they never got to know the ways of God. They never learnt to trust God. When things went wrong they started complaining, moaning and whining.


What are you doing, what am I doing?  Are we whining about our circumstances, are we continuously longing to go back to the world. Do we pride ourselves of our knowledge of the Bible, or in our relationship with Jesus? God is with me, yes God is with me, that’s true, His Holy Spirit is with me. But the question is? Am I with God? Am I with Jesus? As soon as the persecutions come, do I flee, do I deny Christ or do I go through with Jesus Christ all the way? Do I take His suffering on me, do I take the scorn, do I make the right choice? If I don’t pass that test, I will never be proven, I will never get to know His ways. I need to stick with Jesus through the good and the bad, through everything. That’s the only way I will be proven, I will be cleaned, I will be made suitable for the kingdom of heaven. If I am not willing to go with Him twenty-four-hours out of twenty-four-hours every day, dedicate my life to Him totally, then I am not worthy of the kingdom of God. There is no other way. Jesus wants us to set our mind totally on Him, He paid the perfect price, He paid everything. The goal of a Christian is a life that is hidden in Christ. I live no more but Christ lives in me and whatever happens to me is from His hand. Whether it be hunger or persecution or good times or bad times, what does it matter as long as I am with Jesus? Is that our attitude? Do we know His ways? Have you found Jesus Christ? Are you sticking with Jesus all the way? He is with you, but are you with Him? Are you learning His ways every day? That is a question we need to answer ourselves.

 Many Christians don’t have persecutions, they don’t have a rough time, they’ve got the good time, everything is going fine, but you know what? They have their mind set on themselves, self realization, everything about themselves, they lost Christ a very long time ago, along the way. They still believe that they are saved they still have the Holy Spirit but they are not with Jesus. They won’t go into the Promise Land, they won’t go into Paradise. If we don’t get to know His ways we will never share in His glory, we must realize that. We must walk with Jesus each step of the way and not desert along the wayside. If we desert we will not find that narrow gate, that narrow door, we will loose it because the Door is Jesus, there is no other, it is through Jesus that we enter in, through a close relationship with Him each and every day, to stay with Jesus Christ, being guided by His Holy Spirit, persevering through difficult times, through good times, through everything. Just keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, not looking on the world around us, just our eyes fixed on Christ our heart focused on Him. He is our goal, He is the End, He will take us through if we stick with Him. That is what we should do, keep our eyes on Jesus every day, every moment. Dedicate our lives to get to know His ways, so that we can share in His glory, there is no other way.

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