Jesus warned that many were called but few were chosen. Of those who were chosen some of them also did not follow Jesus Christ. The road is narrow and very few will find it. Very few will go through and become conformed to the image of Christ, conformed to his likeness. Very few will walk with Him, will follow Him and obey Him. Most people are not interested.
Most people think that they are saved by faith. Many claim to be the elect but they do not follow Jesus Christ. Those who were chosen and who responded to the call, they follow Jesus wherever He goes and they become LIKE HIM, sons of God. They do not fornicate with the world, they are to interested in the things of the world, they are focused on Jesus and they are performing the task for which He called them. He called them for His purpose and they follow Him wherever He goes, wherever He sends them.
Are you one of the elect, one of the chosen ones and are you making your election firm? Are you making sure that you DO every day what Jesus called you for, that you STAY WITH HIM, OBEY HIM and DO that which is pleasing to Him? Are you making sure that you find the NARROW DOOR and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you one of the ELECT?
May Jesus bless you.

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The CHANGE in me

If we follow after Jesus Christ and seek to be pleasing to Him then He will change us. He will discipline us, He will guide us, we will be changed into His likeness. We will not be like other people. We will not be interested in the same things. We will not be like the world, we will become like Jesus Christ.
I am not the same person that I used to be. Since following Jesus I have been changing and I change all the time. I am not the same person that I was ten years ago, I am not the same as I was a year ago. I am changing because I am growing in understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ. He reveals Himself to me, He teaches me and He guides me. If we follow Jesus we will be changing all the time, to be like Him.
Are you like the rest of the world or are you changing because you follow Jesus Christ every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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Revelation of Jesus will SCARE HELL OUT OF YOU

Most professing Christians believers have never met Jesus and they don’t fear God and that is why they go on sinning and living like the rest of the world. If you have had a revelation of Jesus Christ and have come to KNOW Him, you will fear Him. If you have had a revelation of Jesus Christ and have come to know Him the fear of God will be on you. All desire for sin and for the things of this world will be SCARED OUT OF YOU, it WILL SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.
When the apostle Paul met the risen Jesus on the Damascus road he fell on his face and he said:”Who are You Lord?” He was changed for ever. When the apostle John had the revelation of Jesus on the island of Pathmos he became like a dead man and then he wrote the Revelation of John, the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. He had the fear of God on Him because he had met the risen Jesus. When the prophet Daniel had the revelations of God he was sick for days. Most believers have never met Jesus. They don’t know Him, they are not in relationship with Him, they don’t have His Holy Spirit and that is why they go on sinning. They are living in wickedness, immorality, they DON’T KNOW GOD, they don’t have the FEAR OF GOD because they never met Jesus.
Jesus said:”We who has My words and keeps them, he is the one who loves Me and Me and My Father will come and live with him and I will REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM.” (That is written in John 14.) If you have met Jesus you will be a changed person. If you are truly a follower of Jesus and a child of God YOU WILL HATE SIN and you will not be interested in the things of this world. That is why most Christians and theologians are arrogant, they don’t know Jesus. They don’t fear God.
Have you met Jesus? Do you FEAR Him? Are you IN AWE of Him or are you arrogant, ignorant and LOST like most Christians. Seek Jesus and He will reveal Himself to you and you will have THE FEAR OF GOD IN YOU because YOU KNOW HIM! Most believers don’t know Jesus, they don’t know God.
May Jesus bless you.

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Whose voice are you HEARING Jesus or demons

People who profess to be Christians often ask me how I know that the voice that I hear speaking to me is Jesus Christ. They say they need a Bible to discern the spirits, to know who is speaking to them. If you do not know the voice of Jesus, how can you be following Him? How can you discern a spirit from a book, using your carnal mind? You just don’t KNOW the voice of Jesus!
Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My VOICE and they KNOW Me.” How do I know it is Jesus speaking to me? Because I met Him! Because I KNOW Him, because I walk with Him, I follow Him every day. If I did not know His voice I could not follow Him.
Most believers who call themselves Christians do not know Jesus. They are LOST. They are following their own mind and they are listening to other people, but they don’t know Jesus! And they will stand in front of Him and He will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” They never knew His voice! If you meet Jesus then you immediately KNOW His voice because He CHANGES YOU INSIDE. He makes you NEW and you KNOW His voice, you KNOW you have a Father. His name is GOD and you KNOW HIS VOICE! And you don’t ever want to go away from Him
Have you met Jesus? Do you know His voice? Or have you been listening to people and are you deceived? Are you LOST because you don’t know the voice of the Master? That is why people are listening to strangers and following after lots of voices, because they never met Jesus Christ!
Have you met Jesus Christ? Do you know His voice?
May Jesus bless you.

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Those of us who follow Jesus Christ and have the HOPE of eternal life have to endure until the end, we have to overcome and we have to DO what Jesus requires of us. Many people say that they do not have the power to stop sinning, they do not have the power to resist temptation.
All POWER and all authority belongs to Jesus and all the power that we have comes from Jesus, and He GIVES POWER to those who ASK Him, who SEEK Him. We have to OVERCOME, it is only overcomers who will have the prize of eternal life. Jesus will give us the POWER to overcome if we ASK Him. We have to SUBMIT to Jesus, whatever our problem is and we must RESIST THE DEVIL, STAND in the Name of Jesus and when our power runs out then Jesus will give us the power to overcome.
We FIRST have to STAND with ALL the power that is in us and when it feels that we cannot endure any more then the POWER OF JESUS comes in and we overcome! We HAVE TO overcome. If we need more power we need to PRAY MORE and Jesus will give us the power to overcome.
May Jesus bless you.

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God gave you EARS

When you tell Christians to PRAY and ask God for guidance, they are quick to tell you that God gave you common sense but they forget that God gave us ears also! Very few people use their ears, very few people LISTEN to God.
Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to MY voice and they FOLLOW Me.” Very few believers LISTEN to Jesus, very few are His sheep and therefor very few follow Him. It is only those who follow and obey Jesus who are His true sheep, who SERVE Him and DO what is pleasing to Him.
If we ACCEPT Jesus He opens our SPIRITUAL EARS so that we can HEAR Him. If we WAIT on Him and LISTEN, He will speak to us, He will teach us and He will guide us. If we SEEK Him we find Him but very few people are interested in listening to Jesus and that is why most people will end up in hell!
Do you have spiritual ears and do you LISTEN to Jesus? Do you FOLLOW Him and do what is pleasing to Him or has God given you COMMON SENSE that you rather use than to listen to and follow Jesus Christ? LISTEN to Jesus and you will LIVE!
May Jesus bless you.

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Follow Justin Bieber END UP IN HELL

God made each one of us uniquely wonderful for a wonderful purpose with Him in His Kingdom. But people are not satisfied with themselves, with what God has given them and they find themselves role models, they idolize these people, they run after these people and those people will make them end up in hell because God gave us a role model to follow IF we want eternal life and if we want to achieve and realize the purpose that God created us for. That role model is Jesus Christ and nobody else.
Jesus Christ is ALIVE, He is God and He showed us the WAY, He gave us the WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE. IF we OBEY the words of Jesus Christ as they are also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then Jesus will reveal Himself to us, we will get to KNOW Him for real and we will become children of God and He will guide us and we will become THAT which God created us for.
Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to ETERNAL LIFE. If we run after people, idolize people and want to be like them, we will be like them, they will PERISH IN HELL. It is written:”Cursed in the man that puts his trust in mankind and his heart turns away from the Lord his God.” If we trust in any other person apart from Jesus we are cursed by God and we will perish.
Seek Jesus and find Him. He will TEACH you and He will GUIDE you and you will become a SON OF GOD and realize your unique potential that God created you for. Follow Jesus and you will LIVE!
May Jesus bless you.

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