Your Bible is NOT God


To many people their Bible is their Alpha and their Omega, the beginning and the end of their faith. They use their Bible for everything, to prove their faith, to justify themselves, they use their Bible to comfort them, some special verses. They use it to fight with, to refute other people. They use it as a map, for direction. They take their counsel from the Bible. Their Bible is their God, it is there everything, and therefor THEY DO NOT KNOW GOD, they DO NOT KNOW JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus Christ saves and justifies, guides and provides for those who FOLLOW AND OBEY Him, not for those who cling to their Bibles and justify themselves. If your bible has become the replacement for Jesus Christ in your life then your Bible is your God, it is your IDOL, and your Bible will cause you to end up in hell because it is Jesus whom you need.

You need to be guided by the Holy Spirit, you need to get your counsel from Him, your comfort, your guidance. If Jesus Christ is not the Alpha and Omega of your life, the Beginning and the End then Jesus Christ is not part of your life. Is Jesus TRULY your LORD? Do you FOLLOW AND OBEY Him? Is Jesus YOUR GOD or is your Bible your God?


May Jesus bless you.

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Lethal Christianity SINNING BELIEVERS


Most Christian believers will spend eternity in hell BECAUSE THEY ARE SINNERS. Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world and if you KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ then He sets you FREE from sin, you SIN NO MORE. If you stay focused on Jesus then you will not sin, you will DO HIS WILL. If you stumble and you fall you might not get back up again and you will perish. That is why it is vitally IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT STUMBLE.

If you stay focused on Jesus Christ and follow Him He will keep your feet from stumbling. Jesus has ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SIN. No sinners will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many people believe that because they are believers and Christians that they have eternal life but they ARE STILL SINNERS. If you are a sinner it is because you do not KNOW Jesus Christ. You might know Jesus Christ but you do not follow and obey Him.

It is impossible to be holy and righteous and pleasing to God if you do not follow Jesus. Jesus gives you the POWER to overcome the FLESH and SIN but if you take you eyes off Jesus you will fail. Without Jesus Christ there is no salvation, you have NO HOPE. Get your focus on Jesus, submit to Him, seek Him always, PRAY and DO NOT STUMBLE. Do not sin! Follow Him and He will guide you into all truth. Live in righteousness and holiness in obedience to Jesus Himself or you will perish. Without Jesus you cannot make it. You need Jesus Christ!

Get to know Him today, call out to Him, cry out to Him, get focused on Him and follow Him or you will certainly perish.


May Jesus bless you.

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Mainstream Christianity the Highway to Hell


Mainstream Christianity is the many roads that lead to destruction, the many roads that lead to hell. It is the broad road Christianity and many are on it. The true followers of Jesus Christ have never been pew sitters, they have never been part of mainstream Christianity, they were always rejected and persecuted. They were not with the crowds, they were walking the lonely road with Jesus.

If you follow Jesus Christ you do not become part of a group, you become part of the Kingdom of God and you are led by the Holy Spirit. He takes you on the lonely road of righteousness, holiness and obedience and you are persecuted by the fake Christians in the churches. If you seek the approval of Jesus Christ you will not be part of mainstream Christianity. You will be part of the Kingdom of God. LISTENING to the Holy Spirit, seeking Jesus all the time, going after Him, being where He is and DOING what He tells you to do. You will be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, the SALT OF THE EARTH, rejected and persecuted like He was. You will be LIKE HIM, you will not be like mainstream Christianity.

Are you following Jesus Christ and doing His will or are you part of a church club that is on its way to damnation? If you want eternal life you have to follow Jesus Christ on the straight and narrow way and do His will, be pleasing to Him.


May Jesus bless you.

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Perfect Knowledge the Perfect Way


The world is full of information, data, information overflow, people are bombarded with propaganda. There are millions of Bibles and books and writings, and counselors. You can google on any subject but there is very little real information, TRUE KNOWLEDGE and GUIDANCE. People are WITHOUT DIRECTION because they are looking for information and guidance everywhere.

Mainstream Christianity is the highway to hell. The big churches with big following are taking millions to hell with their false preachings, false doctrines and man made religion. Very few people are on the right way, very few are following Jesus Christ. There is only ONE WAY that leads to eternal life and that is Jesus Christ. He gives WISDOM and GUIDANCE to those who seek Him, who bow down before Him, who LISTEN to Him and who FOLLOW Him. Those who ignore Him are on the way to destruction. There is a way that seams right to man but the end of that road ends in destruction.

There is only ONE WAY to LIFE and that is Jesus Christ. If you are not following Jesus then you have no hope, no future and you are doomed. Jesus Christ alone is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, seek Him, OBEY Him and FOLLOW Him and you will LIVE. Ignore Him, disregard Him and you are DOOMED, you will perish. Your road will end shortly and you will stand before Jesus and He will say to you:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.”

Do you know Jesus and does He know you? Are you following Jesus, the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE? Do you have HOPE? Do you have a future? Or are you LOST and DOOMED for eternity?


May Jesus bless you.

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The Image of Jesus


People spend vast amounts of money to follow after their idols, to portray a certain image. They buy certain motorcars, motorbikes, they wear certain brand clothes, they have their bodies pierced and tattooed to look like certain people that they follow so that they can portray a certain image.

If we follow Jesus Christ we will be changed into His likeness. We will portray the image of Christ. The image of Jesus Christ that we will portray will be the TRUE IMAGE. Not the one of the Catholic church or of Hollywood or of many pictures that you see, the Jesus that is preached in many churches, it will be the TRUE JESUS, because if we walk with Jesus we will become LIKE HIM. We will take on His likeness. Jesus Christ was rejected by men, He was persecuted, He was crucified, He was stripped naked and hung on a pole. Jesus Christ became of NO REPUTATION at all. That is the image that you will take on if you follow Jesus Christ. You will be hated, rejected, persecuted, and you might get killed if you follow Jesus Christ and become like Him.

That is why the world hates the true image of Jesus Christ. That is why they put on a false image for Jesus and that is why they follow a false Jesus not the true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Are you going after Jesus Christ, becoming like Him? Are you changed into His likeness? Or are you following after idols? Are you trying to be like other people, wearing certain brand clothes, spending your money on images that you follow instead of following Jesus Christ? Are you taking on the image of the REAL Jesus Christ?


May Jesus bless you.

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I have no home


I do not have a home of my own but I have become the home, the dwelling place of Jesus Christ and God Almighty. Jesus said that:”If anyone loves Me they WILL OBEY MY TEACHINGS and Me and My Father will love them and come and make our ABODE with them.”

If we LOVE and OBEY Jesus Christ then we become His HOME, His TEMPLE, His dwelling place. and we do not have a home on this earth any more. We become part of the Kingdom of God, the Temple of God and we do not build our own homes any more. We do not gather treasures on this earth any more but we build LIVING STONES onto the Kingdom of God, the Temple of our Lord. LIVING STONES, souls who have become part of the Temple of God, those who have invited Jesus to come and LIVE IN THEM so that they can also be HIS HOME. They are expanding HIS HOME, the Kingdom of God.

Have you become part of the DWELLING PLACE OF GOD? Does he LIVE IN YOU? And are you building onto the Kingdom of God? Jesus said that those who are not building are scattering. Are you building the HOUSE OF GOD, His dwelling place? Or are you of this world? Are you building earthly treasures? Because where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Is your treasure with Jesus? Does He LIVE IN YOU or do you have treasures on this earth?


May Jesus bless you.

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Reading Bible and Praying WILL NOT SAVE YOU


Reading your Bible every day and praying cannot save you. You need to DO what is written in your Bible. You need to OBEY Jesus Christ and live in close relationship with Him moment by moment. Many people live like the devil and every night diligently they read their Bible and they say a quick prayer, they ask forgiveness for the same sins every day and the next day they go back to living for themselves, for the lust of the flesh. They are exactly the same as the rest of the world but they believe that reading their Bible and praying every night is sufficient to get them into heaven. They are UTTERLY DECEIVED because they do not know Jesus Christ neither do they follow or OBEY Him.

You need to OBEY Jesus Christ, live in close relationship with Him, deny yourself every day, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ. DO as Jesus commanded as is also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus said:”Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?” If you do not OBEY Jesus Christ, REPENT of sin, be baptized in water for the washing off of your sins and live in close relationship with Him MOMENT BY MOMENT until the end, then you will perish! Reading your Bible and reciting a prayer will not save you. Get to know Jesus for REAL, OBEY Him and SERVE Him or you will end up in hell.


May Jesus bless you.

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