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Good News!

I want to bring you good news today and that is, that JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE! Jesus loves you and He cares for you. He is not far away. He is SPIRIT and He is right there with you and … Continue reading

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If YOU WANT TO Jesus will help you

If you WANT TO STOP SINNING, JESUS will help you. If you WANT TO FOLLOW JESUS, HE will help you to OBEY HIS WORDS. Jesus said: Whoever WISHES to come after Me, let him DENY himself, pick up his cross … Continue reading

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Is Whitney Houston in heaven or in hell?

Many people are speculating now whether Whitney Houston is in Heaven or in hell. I have been to many funerals where I knew the person that died was not right with God and the preacher would say that that man … Continue reading

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A Child of God does NOT SIN

How can you know that a person is a child of God? A child of God does not sin. As we read in 1 John 3:10 “By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: … Continue reading

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This is a message that I send to new believers who seek salvation) Please take a few minutes and read this: The wages of sin is death. If we sin we must die.  God loved the world so much that … Continue reading

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No fire insurance – God is not mocked

There are many people who think that they can just believe in Jesus, be saved and have eternal life while they carry on living sinfully. God is not mocked. Without holiness nobody shall see God.  There is no such thing … Continue reading

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 ~ UNTO THE UTTERMOST ~ The Maker of the Universe As Man, for man, was made a curse. The demands of Law which HE had made: UNTO THE UTTERMOST HE PAID. His holy fingers made the bough Which grew the thorns … Continue reading

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Once saved, Always saved Lie!

  Hear the truth!

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The just shall live by faith, not by feelings.

It is a common thing among Christians to allow their feelings to dictate their faith. When we feel good we have lots of faith, the next day we feel down and our faith is down. Jesus did not change between … Continue reading

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