The kingdom of God belongs to Jesus
It is His domain He is lord and master
of that Kingdom and He came to preach
the kingdom of God. His purpose was to
come and draw people unto Him, to
populate the kingdom of God with
children of God who were born again and
who serve the purpose of His kingdom.
Jesus came to call men and women unto
Him, that would become part of His
not just to believe in Him but to
receive Him and become heirs of that
kingdom Jesus called us to follow Him, to
become His disciples, so that we can be
changed, transformed into members of,
heirs of, children of the kingdom of God.
God does not make replicas. He does
not make clones. Each and every child of
God is an original, none of them are
alike. Jesus calls us to follow Him and
to obey Him and to fit into His purpose
for each and every one of us. None of us
are like the other person. We are each
unique, we each have a unique calling. We
each have a unique purpose and we do not
become part of the kingdom of God like
becoming part of a church or an
organization, where everybody conforms to
the same rules/pattern. We become part of the
kingdom of God by being united with
Jesus, following Him and doing His
purpose. He calls us each unto a special
purpose and we can only realize that
purpose if we walk with Him,
listen to Him, follow Him and obey Him.
Believing in Jesus will not get us into
the kingdom of heaven, if we do not obey
Him. We have to be transformed, we have to
be born again and that happens when you
receive Jesus, when you obey Him. You
repent of your sins. You repent of going
your own way, you repent of being a sinner
and you become a child of God. Repent and
be baptized and He gives His Holy Spirit
in you to teach and guide you and if we
listen to Him, if we obey Him, then we can
bear fruit, then we can do what He
requires of us. There’s no road map in a
book, there is nobody else that can
teach you to be a child of God.Jesus
Himself is the Good Shepherd. Jesus
Himself is our teacher. Without Jesus you
will not get into heaven, that is why we
have to follow and obey Jesus. We have to
know Him. He has to know us. He will say
to many on that day:”Go away I never knew
you” because they never knew Him. Have you
met Jesus Christ? Have you received Him?
Have you obeyed Him, repented been
baptized in water?
Have you received His Holy Spirit and
are you following Him? Are you bearing
fruit for the kingdom of God and are you
becoming what Jesus wants you to be, that
unique purpose for which He called you?
We can only have that, realize that and
enter the kingdom of God if we go with
Jesus. Are we going with Jesus? Do we know
Him, follow Him and obey Him? May Jesus
bless you
Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real
I am here to introduce you to Jesus
Christ so that you can know Him and
follow Him and have eternal life.
Subscribe to my channel to learn more
about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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