God’s ways are not man’s ways and therefor the hand of God is not recognized, even by most believers. It is because they evaluate things along the line of their common sense, their own understanding of the Bible and their perception of God that they have in their own mind.

The Spiritual Man, who is born again of the Spirit of God, receives his guidance from the Holy Spirit. He is taught by God and learns from God. He sees the perfect will of God because his understanding is from God. The natural man does not receive nor accept the things of the Spirit of God.

Most believers are not born of the Spirit of God. They reject the Spirit of God and the revelations of the Holy Spirit. They cannot see the hand of God, nor the kingdom of God. They do not HEAR what God is saying to them. It does not find entry into them. They brood on the natural, the physical and that which they can explain from the Bible and their secular thinking. They do not have the mind of Christ.

The Spirit led believer understands all things because his understanding comes from the Lord. It is only when you trust wholeheartedly in the words and guidance of the Holy Spirit that you receive understanding. Those who TEST the Spirit by their own mind, will remain in darkness.

If any man needs wisdom, guidance and understanding, let him ask of God, who gives to all men freely, but if you do not trust and accept His guidance, you will receive nothing. You will not get to know His ways. Neither will you enter His rest or His kingdom.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God. Are we?

May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ so that you can know Him, follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.

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