Most Christian believers live in a bubble of religious deception, lies and false security. All Christians reference the Bible as their source  of teaching but they all have varied versions of the truth. They  all believe their version to be the best, and some even believe that all Christians will have eternal life as long as they confess to believe in Jesus. 
The Scriptures testify of the truth, which is Jesus Christ. All Scripture points to Jesus. He is the way,  the life and the truth. Scripture as written in the Bible, leads to faith in Jesus, obedience to Him, and eternal life for those who obey Him. The words of Jesus,  as recorded in the Bible,  in Matthew,  Mark,  Luke and  John, are the words of eternal life. 
There is only one truth and one narrow road, that leads to eternal life, and that is Jesus,  living by His words  and commandments and follow His guidance, through the Holy Spirit that He gives in those who seek to follow Him.
The truth has been  perverted by people who added  their own teachings and interpretations to what was written in the Scriptures.  All churches have their own teachings, doctrines,  rules and beliefs, bubbles of lies and deception whereby church members are encapsulated. Many believers have their own false perceptions. Others have been  deceived by the words and teachings of other men and women. All believers have been veiled by lies and layers of deception. They are living in bubbles of lies and deception.
I was also deceived by many teachings, perceptions, false beliefs, hoaxes, false prophecies and my own ignorance. I was also living in false security of salvation. I also believed I was saved and assured of eternal life, until I died of a heart attack and found myself on my way to hell. By my understanding, in my bubble of deception, I was safe and secure. I was obviously not.
That happened more than 20 years ago. I did not realize how deceived I was and how deceived most Christians are. Jesus started teaching me, showing me the deception that is in the world, but more so in churches, how Christians are being deceived and defrauded by lies from satan.
satan will do everything to keep you away from Jesus and from following the Holy Spirit, because Jesus is the WAY and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth,  that will guide you into all truth, IF you follow Him.
Jesus gives wisdom, understanding to, and He guides every person that believes in Him, obeys Him and TRUSTS Him. He is the Light of the world. Those who follow Him, will not be in darkness.
That is why most Christians are in darkness, living in a religious bubble. They are not following Jesus.  They do not trust Him and they do not know Him, never met Him. Even those who met Him and were born again do not trust and follow Him. They follow after people,  churches, their own “interpretation” of the Bible, that which they choose to  believe. They prefer to stay in their religious bubble,  rather than to trust Jesus and follow Him, and that is why they will perish.
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free, IF you trust in Jesus,  follow Him and BELIEVE what He tells you.
Do you really want to know the TRUTH? Then follow Jesus. Get serious with Him. Humble yourself before Him in prayer. Accept Him. Trust Him and obey Him.  Repent of all sin, stop sinning. Be baptized in water for the washing off of your sin. Be Holy, sin no more.  Obey the words of Jesus,  His teachings and commandments as also recorded. In Matthew,  Mark,  Luke and  John.  Seek  Jesus with all your heart and He will give His Holy Spirit in you,  to teach and guide you. 
Come out of the bubble, and trust Jesus.  Follow Him, and you will know the truth, you will walk in the Light and He will give you eternal life if you stay with Him until the end.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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