The false gospel that is preached in most churches is not good news,  it is fake news, because it is all lies. It does not lead to salvation, deliverance and freedom from sin, but to bondage and deception and slavery to church  institutions.   Neither the preachers nor the believers have any relationship with God. They are deceived and leading others to deception,  blind leaders of the blind.
The false gospels preached in churches are concoctions of Bible verses, held together with lies, fantasies and doctrines of men. They twist the scriptures to support their false teachings and promise ignorant gullible people eternal life and salvation security, while turning them into followers, donors and financial supporters, slaves of their lying church institutions. 
Millions are being deceived by the false gospel. They believe it is good news, but they will wake up too late when they die and stand before Jesus,  and He says to them:”Go away,  I never knew you, you workers of unrighteousness.”
The true gospel of Jesus  Christ leads to knowing Him, and Him knowing you, not just assurances based on Bible verses and doctrines of men. The true Christians, the born again followers of Jesus,  are His sheep; they know Him, He  knows them, they hear His voice, they follow Him and He gives them eternal live.
Jesus saves those who accept Him, believe in Him and obey His words, His teachings and commandments as they are also recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and  John. 
Following and obeying Jesus leads to a new life, with purpose, sensible, fruitful, productive,  rewarding and satisfying, filled with hope, expectation, inner peace and joy. 
The gospel of Jesus Christ is not an ideology. It is not a new set of rules. It does not mean taking on religion. It is not about Bible  study, religious indoctrination and complying with certain rules and ceremonies. It is not a change of mind but a total renewal.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful. It transforms those who believe and act on it, from sinners to saints. They become born again, children of God. He who is in Christ is a new creature, with spiritual senses, ears and eyes. He sees the kingdom of God and hears the voice of God, he is a child of God. He LISTENS to God, the Holy Spirit of God, that dwells in Him. his guidance and confirmation is from God, not from  men.
Fulfillment comes from following and obeying Jesus, not from men and the things of the world.  Those who are born again experience Jesus now. Their hope is not on some pie in the sky. They KNOW and have FELLOWSHIP with Jesus. They are not fascinated and bewitched by the false fake gospel that is preached in churches. They follow Jesus and live their lives to glorify Him. 
The GOOD  NEWS,  is Jesus  IN and WITH those who know and follow  Him, not the false gospel that is preached in most churches.
Have you accepted Jesus,  repented and been  baptized in water? Have you been  born again? Is Jesus living in you, and are you following Him?
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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