satan wants to destroy you, now and for eternity. He wants you to spend eternity in hell. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die. satan wants you to keep on sinning because then you will end up in hell. Without holiness no one shall see God. Those who do not live holy have no communion with God. Their sin separates them from God. As long as you are in sin you are powerless against satan, you are in his power, being destroyed and on your way to hell.

Jesus can set you free from the bondage of sin and addictions, if you call on Him, if you go on your knees  and pray, humble yourself before Him, and ask Him. Jesus will forgive your past sin and set you free, but the only way that you will be able to stay free is if you stay with Jesus and obey Him. If you go back to sin, you will be enslaved again. Then you have delivered yourself back into the hands of satan and you will be in a worse situation than before you called on Jesus.  

If you want to live, and have eternal life you have to stay with Jesus and SIN NO MORE. Only Jesus can give you eternal life but then you have to stay with Him and obey Him. Obey His words, His teachings and commandments as also recorded in Matthew,  Mark,  Luke  and  John.  REPENT of all sin, every sin, immediately. If you sin again you will be back in the hands of satan. One single sin, separates you from Jesus  and puts you in danger of hell fire. If you stumble and sin, the Holy Spirit will immediately convict you. If you immediately repent and ask Jesus forgiveness, He will forgive you and your relationship with Him will  be restored, but if you were careless, or deliberately sinned with the intention of later asking forgiveness, then Jesus will not  forgive you. Jesus is not fooled. He knows the intention of every heart. Your sin will separate you from Jesus and put you back in the power of satan. Unless you sincerely repent and plead Jesus  forgiveness you will remain in the power of satan and he will destroy you. 

After REPENTING, BE BAPTIZED IN WATER for the forgiveness of your sins. That is what Jesus commanded and that is what He requires of everyone who wishes to follow Him  and have eternal life. Baptism of the believer is an act of obedience, a public confession of faith  and  a demonstration of your commitment to follow Jesus and submit your life to Him. Without that attitude and commitment, baptism is just a meaningless ritual. That is why infant baptism is not valid. An infant has no sin, cannot repent, nor believe and commit to follow Jesus.  

The whole world is in the power of the evil one,  satan. Only those who stay with Jesus have the power to overcome sin and evil, but they have to fight and resist the devil. They have to resist temptation. If you live holy, you have confidence to call on Jesus when you are tempted, and He will give you the power to overcome, but if you live in sin, your  sin separates you from Jesus and you are destroyed by satan. 

Be holy, be righteous, do not yield to temptation. Stand with Jesus, resist the devil and he will flee from you. If you sin, you will burn. Keep your mind on Jesus and on holiness. Do not give satan a foothold. Avoid temptation. Run from sin. Do not keep sinful company with worldly  friends. Stop watching movies and TV that can contaminate your mind with lust and worldliness. Corruption comes through lust.

Mind what you watch and listen to. Stop following after celebrities and famous people.  Stop trying to be like them. Stop running after endless entertainment and pleasures of the flesh. Stop reading and absorbing fantasies. Stop living in a dream world. Open your eyes and face reality. Life is not a reality show or a soap opera. All those things are lies, inspired by satan, to distract, deceive  and destroy you. Be sober. Keep your mind and thoughts pure and holy. Keep yourself busy with productive things. Don’t waste your time on social media and endless texting. You cannot overcome satan by being idle, hiding in a corner, or locking yourself up behind high walls. If you run from satan he will stab you in the back, he will get you  from behind. Neither will you defeat him by compromising. Don’t make friends with the devil. Don’t  listen to him. Don’t get into discussions with him. You have to be on the offensive, on the attack. Never become complacent.  Never underestimate satan. He will do all he can to get you to sin, because he knows, that if you  sin you are done, doomed and on your  way to hell.  

Remember, one sin caused Adam to die. One sin caused Esau to lose his first birth right, and even though he tried to repent, he could never get it back. One sin is enough to cause you to end up in hell for eternity. Don’t let the devil get you. 

Get your  focus on Jesus. Pray always, even in your mind. Ask Jesus to fill your mind with His thoughts, guidance and wisdom. Ponder on His words, His teachings and commandments. Jesus will  guide you and give you understanding and wisdom, if you stay  focused on Him. He will guide you in every aspect of your life. Without Jesus we cannot win. Without  Jesus you cannot defeat satan. Without Jesus you can do nothing. 

May Jesus bless you. 

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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