The only way to have a pure life is to follow Jesus, to walk with Him. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in and with those who obey Him and wish to follow Him. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. If we do not have the Spirit of Christ, we do not belong to Him.

Most people, even professing Christians have other spirits, but they do not have the Holy Spirit. They have mean spirits, foul spirits, lying spirits, fighting spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits and many other evil spirits. They are infested with demons. Many are possessed and controlled by these spirits, they cannot control themselves, they cannot stop sinning. They cannot follow Jesus.

If you accept Jesus and obey Him, repent and are baptized in water for forgiveness of your sins, He sets you free from the bondage of sin, demons, compulsions and addictions, so that you can follow Him. If you seek Him and ask Him, He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit, so that you can experience His presence and His guidance with you always. He will guide you every step of the way, if you listen to Him and follow Him.

Sadly many Christian believers have not received the Holy Spirit and they do not follow Him. They follow after people, churches, celebrities, their own desires and the world. Some Christians did accept Jesus, were baptized in water, did receive the Holy Spirit but they were seduced by their own lust. They exposed themselves to worldly influences. They got entangled in sin again. They have once again become slaves to sin, compulsions and the things of the world. They followed after people, not after Jesus. They did not follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many joined churches and followed after the church leadership. They became religious hypocrites, sinners, because they did not follow Jesus and stay with Him.

Jesus Christ alone, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You have to follow Jesus every day until the very end, to have eternal life. The road will often become lonely, when friends and family reject you, when you do not fit in with the world. Do not be distracted. Do not seek the company of other people. Stay with Jesus until the end.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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