2019 Prophecy What the Lord said to me

Jesus Christ is coming. His Kingdom, the kingdom of God is coming. Those who are born-again SEE His kingdom. They HEAR His VOICE and they SERVE Him. They are the children of God, the sons of God. They are SONS and DAUGHTERS of the Kingdom of God.

The Lord will spew the luke-warm church out of His mouth. He will destroy the worldly churches and their leadership will be plucked out. Jesus said:“Every plant that My Heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by its roots.”Matthew15:13.

This is what the Lord says:”Their churches will be taken from them. Their leadership will be exposed for the deceivers that they are. Many will be removed, they will be cut off, they will die. They did not warn the lost. Even though they knew the truth they did not speak it. They twisted the truth and lied to the people. They led them astray. They preached their own thoughts and spoke what the people wanted to hear. They have enriched themselves and did not fight for the oppressed, they did not fight for innocent babies being slaughtered in the mother’s womb. They blessed those who make war and kill the innocent and they fought against those who speak the truth. They persecuted and slandered My servants whom I have appointed. They have desecrated My Name by their fornication with the world. They have profaned the Holy place. The time of their judgment has come. They will be stripped and cut off.

Many will run around in desperation because their lying leaders are no more, those in whom they have trusted and chose to follow, because they loved lies. Many will die of heart failure. They will be fear struck because the false prophecies and lies of their leaders have not come true. They will curse Me, the living God, but they themselves chose lies above Me. They put their trust in themselves and in fallible men but they rejected Me. They will die in their sins because they followed the doctrines of men, rather than to obey My words.”

“My kingdom will be established. Truth and righteousness will be established. I am coming to render to each one according to their deeds, good or bad. Many will be taken out. Wake up and seek Me, while you can. Turn from wickedness, repent and obey My words or you will perish.”

That is what the Lord said to me.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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