All your questions about Jesus answered.

Jesus Christ is a mystery. Much has been written in the Bible about Him. His works and His teachings have been recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The apostles who were His disciples, wrote about Him. The apostle Paul had revelations from Jesus, he was taught by Him. The apostle John had a revelation of Jesus Christ on the island called Patmos. Many others have had revelations of Jesus Christ, that they have testified to the world through the ages and even today in our present time.
Many have studied these accounts and testimonies in order to know Jesus, but even after extensive studies few truly came to know Him. Instead of finding answers they ended up with more questions and many lost faith because they never got to know Jesus.
However, Jesus promised that He will reveal, disclose Himself, to those who obey His words, His teachings.
Jesus promised to come and dwell with those who accept Him, believe in Him and thus obey Him, who repent, turn away from sin, are baptized in water and who seek His approval. He will give His Holy Spirit to dwell in them and with them, to teach and guide them and to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven to them and through them.
Many seek for wisdom and understanding but they do not seek Jesus, Himself, and that is why He remains a mystery to them. They never get to know Him and they die in their sins, many of them very religious people.
Jesus reveals Himself, discloses Himself to those who love Him, seek Him and obey Him. He shares His secret counsel with them. They are not in darkness, because they walk in the Light, they follow Jesus.
Are all your questions answered by Jesus? Do you walk in the Light? Do you follow Jesus and are you led by His Spirit?
Jesus invites all who hunger for righteousness, all who seek Him, to come to Him and be filled to overflow.
Will you seek Jesus for streams of Living Water that He promised to those who love Him?
May Jesus bless you.


About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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