His Ways Are Not Our Ways – A Testimony

Not one day in our Lives works out the way that we expected to do and to me today was one of those days, but Jesus determines our footsteps and we just have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to be able to do what He wants us to do.

This morning I went for radiation treatment at the hospital as I’ve been doing for the last month and as I arrived they informed me that the radiation machine was out of order. They were fixing it and I would have to be waiting for a while before I could have treatment. I sat down in the waiting room to wait for my treatment. There was a lady that is scheduled to be treated before me every day. We always see each other in passing, she leaves and I come in. We started talking. We first talked about our cancer, and the treatment and the effects of the treatment. She was quite down, despondent, and we talked about recovery, and hope of the future, and I say to her that I’m in God’s hand. Whatever happens is in His hand and He determines our lives.

I had the opportunity of sharing my testimony with her, of how Jesus called me, of how I died of a heart attack 20 years ago and I was on my way to hell, and Jesus let me come back to be His witness, to witness to the world that Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I could share with my testimony and the hope that I have in Jesus. She asked me many questions and we had a long and fruitful discussion, which would not have happened if that radiation machine did not break down. Jesus directs our footsteps. If I was not there for treatment, and if that machine did not break down I would not have been able to share my testimony with that specific person. If that person was not also in the same boat, afflicted by the same fearful sickness, cancer, that everybody fears, if it was not that we had the same infirmity then she would most probably not have even listen to me, but Jesus prepares the way, and her heart was prepared to receive the message of Jesus Christ. There was hope. I could speak to her. She was receptive. I could share my testimony. I was so glad that I had the opportunity to speak to her to share Jesus Christ. They called her for her treatment and she said to me:”To be continued…”, meaning our discussion. Before she left the facility she stopped by my wife who was sitting in the waiting room in front, and she said to as she was so glad that she could have the discussion with her husband.

Dear friends, we do not understand why we have got to go through certain things in life. It is not nice to be diagnosed with cancer. It is not nice to be hospitalized. I’ve gone through a lot of things in the past few months. While I was hospital, I died twice. I have been in much pain but I have had the opportunity to witness to so many people that otherwise I would never have met, people who would otherwise never even have listened to me, because the circumstances brought us together. Jesus Christ brought us together so that I could fulfill His purpose and witness to specific people that He put in my way.

We have the choice, when we meet other people, to either talk about things that are not important; we can talk about ourselves, we can talk about the weather, and politics, but to us as followers of Jesus, we must see every opportunity as directed by Jesus for us to be able to witness for Him. We must be sensitive and wait for the opportunity to share our testimony. What a wonderful privilege to be a witness for Jesus. What a privilege to live for Jesus. What a privilege to suffer for the kingdom of God, even if we’ve got to go through difficult times, through pain, through hospitalization, through cancer, through the shadow of death, in order to fulfill God’s will.

We must use every opportunity to witness for Jesus. We must be sensitive and recognize the opportunity when it comes, so that we can tell other people about Jesus, give them hope, put their hand in His hand and build the kingdom of God. His ways are not our ways, but if we walk in His ways we can bear fruit for His kingdom. Jesus makes the way. Just follow Him. He will guide you. He will give you the words and He will make you bear fruit for His kingdom, if you stay focused on Him.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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