Share and Give

Those of us who have become disciples of Jesus Christ, who have come to know Him have the privilege and the duty to share with others our testimony of Jesus Christ, that which we have learned from Him, that which we have received from Him so that we can encourage them to also follow Jesus Christ.

We are here to share our testimony and to give them hope that it is possible to follow Jesus Christ, that He is only one way to follow Jesus and that is to be a disciple. I thank Jesus that He called me and He taught me His ways, so that I can share with others, so that I can point them to Jesus, that I can testify to them that Jesus Christ is real, He is alive and that if we seek Him we find Him and He reveals Himself to us, that we can have a real and living relationship with the living God, that we can know Him.

I wish that I had somebody that could teach me, what Jesus taught me, but I thank Him that He did teach me His ways and that I can be here to encourage others to follow Him, that I can be here to share with others that which Jesus has given to me and what He is giving to me every day; all his mighty blessings, the knowledge of the truth, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the revelation that He gives to us if we seek Him, and that I can give others hope and inspire them to seek and follow Jesus. I’m here to testify to you that Jesus Christ is the way. He is alive, He is real and that He is calling you into relationship with Him that He wants to make you a child of God, that He wants to bring you into the kingdom of God, and I want to give you hope today, never give up. Don’t let anybody stop you, don’t let anything stop you from running to Jesus. Jesus loves you. He will never leave you, He will never forsake you, but you must not leave Him. If you have left Him, if you’re backslidden, run back to Jesus. He will never reject you. He will never show you a way. As long as you are alive there is still hope. Run to Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart. Forget about the past. We cannot do anything about the past, good or bad, but we can live today and every other day that Jesus gives us for Him. Let us put the past behind us and live every day from today onwards for Jesus Christ, one day at a time. Let us not give up, but follow Him until the very end because Jesus Christ is the only way.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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