Jesus caught me when I fell

The ways of the Lord Jesus are wonderful, but if we are not pure in heart and if we do not focus on Jesus then we fail to see His hand in our lives. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master and we entrust ourselves into His hand, then we belong to Him and whatever happens to us is from the hand of God, whether it be good or bad, because we follow Jesus. He goes ahead of us and we must experience everything that He takes us through because He guides us and He teaches us and He uses us for His kingdom, if we are dedicated to Him.

I have recently been very sick I was in hospital for more than a month. I was in ICU and I went through a lot of pain and suffering. Twice I died they had to resuscitate me, but in that time I had the opportunity to witness for Jesus to so many people. I experienced Jesus. He spoke to me. He taught me so many new things, even though I was in pain and I am still in pain. The reason why I went into surgery was in preparation for radiation to rectal cancer. I don’t know why I have the cancer. I’ve prayed for many people and seen them healed instantaneously. Jesus has healed me also instantaneously previously. I prayed when I was in trouble or sickness but Jesus has a purpose with everything. I am still not completely healed and I’m still in pain but I accept from Jesus the good and the bad and I know that He has a purpose with it. When I came out of hospital I was too weak to walk. I had to learn to do everything again, learn to brush my teeth, learn to sit up, learn to walk again, and I am slowly regaining my powers. I had to learn to walk again with a walker and I’m walking but I’m not strong yet.

The other day we went out and when we came back as I came into the house I stumbled on the steps and I fell. But here’s the wonderful thing. It just struck me that it was the second time in my life that I remember that I fell and I was not hurt in the least. The angels of the Lord caught me before I got hurt. A few months ago I was on a construction site and I slipped and fell on the debris. Now there were some very sharp objects and I could have hurt myself badly but I was not even hurt in the slightest, and the other day when I fell on the steps I was also not hurt in the least, not a mark not a scratch. We can be as careful as we wish, but if the Lord does not protect us then we will get hurt, we will get killed, we will suffer loss, but the wonderful thing is this that if we follow Jesus and we are committed to Him then we are held in the hollow of his hand. Isn’t that wonderful? He keeps and protects His own and He takes them through valleys of darkness. He goes with them when they go through temptation and suffering.

We will get tested and we will get tried but here is the question: Do we maintain our faith in Jesus? Are we focused on Him? Do we see His hand? Because if we don’t, if we do not stay focused on Jesus and trust Him, we will never see His hand, we will never learn anything, but if we are focused on Jesus and seek to please Him, then we experience Him constantly and we have the joy and the peace in our hearts of knowing that whatever we go through, whatever we suffer, Jesus is there. He is with us because He has a purpose with everything, we belong to Him. I praise Jesus for His goodness and mercy, that I may know Him, that I may be His servant, because I’m undeserving, and I want to encourage you to fully trust in Jesus, to put your focus on Him, to seek Him with all your heart and you will see Him. You will see Him in the pain. You will see Him in the suffering. You will see Him in the storms, you will see Him everywhere, and you will experience Jesus all the time. You will have the peace of Jesus in your heart, knowing that he is faithful ,that He will never let go of you but we have to stay with Him. We have to be faithful to Him and endure with Him until the very end.

What a wonderful Lord and Master we serve, Jesus Christ my Lord and my King.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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