What Is Your Testimony?

What is your testimony? Why do you believe in Jesus Christ? Is it because you have read about Him in the Bible? Is it because you have been brought up as a Christian? Why do you believe in Jesus? Have you met Jesus Christ and is He real to you, because if you don’t know Jesus for real and if you do not follow and obey Him, then your faith in Jesus Christ is not real, and it cannot save you?

If you have met Jesus then you will have a testimony. If you have truly believed in Jesus and you obeyed Him, you repented and you were baptized in water, and you sought Him with all your power, then Jesus would have revealed Himself to you and you would have known Him for real, not just because of what other people told you, but because you know Jesus for real, for yourself. You will have a testimony.

If you don’t have a testimony of Jesus then your faith is not real. Why do you believe in Jesus Christ? I believe in Jesus because He revealed Himself to me as real, as God Almighty. I have many testimonies of Jesus in my life. When I was sick and I prayed and He healed me, when I was in a big trouble, and I prayed He answered my prayers, and He brought me out of my predicament. I was addicted to tobacco, smoking, and Jesus delivered me, He set me free. I was a sinner but Jesus Christ made me new inside. I’m not a sinner anymore, I’m a child of God. Now I walk in His ways I do His will. He made me free from the desire for sin and for the things of the world. I am born again because Jesus Christ has put His Spirit in me. I hear His voice. He speaks to me. Jesus Christ has delivered me countless times. I used to be a pilot. I flew my own airplane. many times I was in big trouble and I could have lost my life, but Jesus delivered me countless times. I have so many testimonies of Jesus Christ, where He answered my prayers, where He disciplined me, when He spoke to me, where He warned me. Almost 20 years ago I had a heart attack and I died and I thought I was a good Christian, but I found myself on my way to hell.

Jesus had mercy on me because I pleaded and I asked Him to let me come back to warn the world that Jesus is alive and hell is real. Jesus allowed me to come back to come and witness for Him. I am where I am because Jesus sent me here. I’m doing what I am doing because I obey Him. I do it in obedience to Him. Every day I’m on the internet and I give the message that He gives to me to speak. If He does not give me a message, I’ve got nothing to say. Jesus sends me to speak to people. He reveals new things to me. He explains things to me. He teaches me and He guides me. He provides in all my needs. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ.

If we do not have a living testimony of Jesus then our relationship with them cannot be real. Jesus will say to many people on the day that they die:”Go away I never knew you you workers of wickedness.” Many of them once met Jesus they thought they were saved. Maybe they said a sinner’s prayer, maybe they followed Him for a while and then they left Him, but they did not stay with Him. We need to have a living testimony every day, of our relationship with Jesus Christ. If we don’t have that testimony, then we don’t know Jesus, then our relationship with them is not real, and our faith cannot save us. We read in the Book of Revelations, that they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. Have we got a testimony of Jesus Christ? Is He real to us? Are we following Him every day? Can we talk about Jesus, because we know Him for real? Do we have a living testimony of Jesus Christ? May Jesus bless you.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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