Where He leads me I will follow

Since Jesus Christ called me I have been following Him, I have been going where He sent me, and doing what He told me to do. I have abandoned my own life, my own plans, my own country, my own family, my own business, and I went where Jesus sent me, for many years. My wife and I have been following Jesus and we’ve been testifying for Him.

For the last year I have been very ill, and I’ve prayed Jesus to heal me, which He did not do. In that time I never went away from Jesus, I stayed with Him and every day I did what he told me to do He gave me messages to put on YouTube, He sent me to do things for Him which I’ve been doing, but I never went away from Jesus. Eventually the sickness got so severe that I ended up in hospital. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer and I had to undergo an ileostomy. I am due for treatment for that cancer. I have received a lot of advice from fellow believers on cures for cancer. I have also been reprimanded, I’ve been judged by some who told me that I’m being judged by God and that is why I’m sick. Dear friends in all of this time I’ve never gone away from Jesus. I’m still following Jesus. I belong to Him and I’m His property. He can use me as He pleases, for his glory. I have to stay with Him and follow Him until the very end.

There’s an old song that says:”Where He leads me I will follow,” and that is my decision, that is my ambition to go with Jesus and to follow Him, to do His will. Jesus never promised us a good life. He did not promise us good health or prosperity. He did say He will always be with us, He will never leave us and He will never forsake us. He will be with us in tribulation, and those who endure with Him until the very end, they will inherit the prize of eternal life. What is important, is for us to stay with Jesus, to submit ourselves to Him and allow Him to use us as He pleases. We ought to be broken bread and crushed grapes. Bread needs to be broken before it can be eaten. Grapes need to be pressed out before wine can be made of it. We need to be usable pliable, moldable, for the kingdom of God. The clay needs to be moldable for the Potter to mold it into something that is useful to Him. If that clay is lumpy, then the Potter will throw at one side and use another lump of clay to make the part that He wants to make.

We are not here for anything else but for the kingdom of God. Jesus called me to follow Him until the very end and where He leads me, I will follow. What He does with me is his own good pleasure, but it is my desire that I will bring glory to Jesus until the very end. It is my desire that He will be pleased with me. It is my desire to endure until the very end, and I want to hang on to Jesus until the end. I want to bear fruit for His kingdom because if we do not bear fruit then we cannot be pleasing to Him. If we do not remain in Him and with Him, we cannot be fruit. If we run after our own devices and our own plans and own remedies, we cannot be pleasing to Jesus. We need to follow Him and go along the path that He leads and guides us because that is the path to eternal life.

The path that Jesus guides us is never easy but it is the path to victory. There is only victory in Jesus if we follow Him and stay with Him until the very end. We only overcome if we stay with Jesus, through tribulation, through trials, if we bear our cross and follow Him until the very end. and to follow Him, where He guides me, until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.


About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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