Let Jesus Have His Way With You

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just about salvation. It is about becoming part of the kingdom of God, of the household of God, of which Jesus Christ is the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ calls us to become born-again children of God that do the will of God. The gospel that is being preached in this world is one of salvation, just skipping hell and trying to get into heaven, but that is a lie.

Jesus requires of us that we be born again and become children of God, that listen to the Father, obey Him and serve the kingdom of God. To repent and be baptized, to be born again of the Spirit of God, is just the beginning. To receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Christ dwelling in us just connects us to Him, brings us into relationship with Him, but if we do not submit to Him and serve Him we will perish, we will not be saved. Jesus calls us for a purpose. He calls us to become part of His kingdom and He clearly said that every branch in Him that does not bear fruit will get cut off and burned. The only way that we can bear fruit is if we remain in Christ, which means, if we remain in His will. The only way that we can be pleasing to Jesus and suitable for His kingdom is if we listen to Him and obey Him, if we serve Him with all that we are. If we refuse to serve Him, we cannot bear fruit. We cannot serve Him part time or with only part of our lives.

We have to be totally submitted and committed to Him and we must allow Him to form us and to make us into that which He wants to make of us, instruments for His glory. We must allow Jesus to have His way with us so that He can use us in the way that is pleasing to Him, to fit into His kingdom, to be part of His plan. If we do not submit to Him and we are not led by His Spirit, if we’re not guided by Him then we cannot bear fruit, we cannot be part of his kingdom, and we will get cut off and burned.

We need to submit to Jesus and allow Him to have His way with us. We must offer ourselves in whole, soul, spirit and body to Him as a living sacrifice, so that He can use us as He pleases, so that we can bring glory to Him through Christ dwelling in us and working through us. It is all about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. It is about listening to Him, obeying Him and doing His will. If we do not follow and obey Jesus and submit totally to Him, live for His kingdom then we are not suitable for His kingdom and we will be cast away.

Are we totally committed and submitted to Jesus Christ? Do we seek His will, His approval, and His glory? If not, we will not enter his kingdom. There’s only one way and that is: Serve the Master, and let Him have His way with us, as He pleases, until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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