Listen and Learn

Jesus Christ calls us not only to believe in Him but to listen to Him and to follow Him. If we obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, His words that He spoke; if we repent and are baptized in water and we seek Jesus with all our heart, He will give His Holy Spirit in us to teach us and to guide us. He is our Teacher, He is our guide, He is our constant companion.

Jesus calls us to listen to Him and to learn from Him. Most believers never get to know Jesus Christ. They do not know His voice, they do not follow Him. His sheep hear His voice they listen to Him and they follow Him. They are taught by Him. Jesus calls us to listen to Him to hear from Him so that we can get to know Him.

Most believers never get to know Jesus, they never get to know His ways and they will be very disappointed and they stand before Him in judgment and He says:”Go away I never knew you.” Jesus is calling us to come close to Him, for His Spirit to dwell in us, so that we can be in fellowship with Him. Have you obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ? Have you repented and been baptized, and have you received the indwelling Holy Spirit? Do you listen to the Holy Spirit and are you’re being taught by God? It is His will that we learn from Him, not from others. His sheep do not listen to strangers, they listen to Him. Are you listening to the good Shepherd? Do you follow and obey Him and do you learn from Him?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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