A Lifelong Commitment

Salvation is not just a matter of believing in Jesus Christ and then having a guarantee of salvation. Salvation is a lifelong commitment to submit yourself to Jesus Christ and to obey Him, to live a life that is pleasing to Him, a life of self-denial and of living according to His will.

If we wish to follow Jesus and have eternal life we have to deny ourselves, pick up our cross every day and follow Jesus. We have to live our life to please Jesus. It will affect every aspect of our life until the very end, and we will have to endure with Jesus, stay with Him, obey Him, every day until the very end. It is not just a Sunday affair. It is not just a belief. It is a way of living, to live our lives in obedience to Jesus Christ, to pick up our cross every day and follow Him, to take His yoke upon us and to go after Him, to follow the guidance of His Holy Spirit, to seek Him in all things, and to submit to Him, to do what He requires of us.

It will not be easy. You will have your ups and downs, more ups than downs, because to follow Jesus Christ is an uphill road. Without Jesus Christ we cannot do it. Nobody will be able to boast in the end and say they made it into heaven on their own. We cannot do what Jesus requires of us if we do not follow Him if we do not obey Him. Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing.

It is a lonely road, It is a difficult road. You will suffer persecution, rejection. People will hate you, they will not understand, you they will reject you, and they will use your name as a curse word. They will despise you like they despised Jesus, but if we endure with Jesus until the end we will be saved.

Jesus said that the one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back, he is not worthy of Him. We have to endure with Jesus until the very end. The righteous will live by faith, and if they withdraw His soul will have no pleasure in them. To live by faith means to live under direction and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not by your own mind, nor by your own interpretation of the Bible, but by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You have to make sure that you know Jesus, that you know His voice, before you can follow Him.

Most believers do not know Jesus. They believe in what they do not know. But to have eternal life, we have to know Him, He has to know us and we have to follow Him every day until the very end. Jesus said that those who endure with Him until the end. will be saved. It is not an easy matter. It is a lifelong commitment, it is a way of living, it is a life submitted and dedicated to Jesus Christ. Are you ready to follow Jesus Christ? Have you taken His yoke upon you? Have you made up your mind, to take up your cross every day and follow Jesus Christ until the very end? There is no other way to have salvation. Jesus is the way. His way is the only way. We have to follow Jesus, His way, until the very end, to have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.


About Justice Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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