False Christianity AKA Churchianity

Christianity has been taken over by False Christianity also known as Churchianity. Jesus Christ never established any church, He never started any Church. Jesus called disciples and He commanded His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples, who know His voice who follow Him, and who obey Him.

Christianity is about a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, being His disciple. It is not a covenant relationship with an institution that is created by people; it is not a relationship with a church, or with church membership, or with church leadership. It is a relationship with the Living God, Jesus Christ.

Believers have been deceived and they have been led astray by the wolves, by the leaders of the churches. They have been drawn into Churchianity, they go to church and they serve the church, they support the church, and they are in a relationship with church members, but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity is about our relationship with Jesus Christ, following Him, serving Him and doing His will; being born again children of God who are led by the Holy Spirit, His sheep who know His voice and who follow Him.

You will not find any disciples of Jesus Christ in churches, because they do not know His voice (churches), they do not know Him neither do they follow Him. They have been led astray by false Christianity. They believe that they have salvation but they do not even know the Savior, they do not follow Jesus Christ, they do not know Him, they do not obey Him and He will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.”

Do you belong to Jesus Christ? Is your relationship with Him real? Do you follow Him every day, or have you been drawn into churchianity? Have you become a victim of a False Christianity. Get out of church. Get on your knees and seek Jesus with all your heart, obey Him; repent and be baptized and He will give His Holy Spirit in you to teach and guide you. You will get to know Jesus Christ for real.

Chruchianity is satan’s deception, it is the highway to hell. Get out of church and get to know Jesus Christ, before it is too late.

May Jesus bless you.


About Justice Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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