Your Eternal Net Worth

All that will matter a moment that we die is whether we have a treasure in heaven. It is not about what we did for Jesus or for the kingdom of God. It is about whether we served the purpose that Jesus called us for. Did we do the will of God? Were we in Christ? Did we make ourselves available to Jesus? Did we follow Him and obey Him and did we do what He required of us?

Jesus calls each and every one of us for a specific purpose. It is not about what we think is important to God, it is about what Jesus requires of us, because without Jesus we can do nothing. Jesus said that if we remain in Him we will bear much fruit, because without Him we can do nothing. Do we have a treasure in heaven? Are we living for the kingdom of God and are we serving that purpose for which Jesus called us? We can only serve that purpose if we listen to His voice and follow Him and do what He commands us to do every day.

Where is our treasure, here on earth where moth and rust destroys, or do we have a treasure in the kingdom of heaven? What is our eternal net worth? Will Jesus invite us into his kingdom when we die or will He say to us:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.”

May Jesus bless you.


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4 Responses to Your Eternal Net Worth

  1. Steven Odber says:

    I have a Website and Radio Interview

    Describing myself as a Canadian Citizen been attacked by the Devils Power of Sickness, as Jesus was known to Heal. I have been stricken to a Wheelchair since 2008 at 38. Major Powerful Story behind me, describing been a King James , Bible , Christian now suddenly able to see the Evil Destructive Power around us in our Modern Lives. Heck I read about or learned of The Prophecy Of Revelation by 10, and was told of a Coming War with Syria and Russia and Iran. All after the European Union , loses a few Members and now in 2017 . I have seen we are exactly as Christ and his People have Prophesied. I can see the Devils Power Suddenly since 2004 as i described and some would describe that as Autistic Perception. However it is as real as you have spoken on Revelations for this Decade in Your Blog. So I ask that you right a Story on me and my Preachings on Jesus and maby that can Increase my Eternal Reward and Yours Also. Dont be another NaySayer Justice Boshoff and turn me down I desperately need the Story written in your Blog and even more Media Attention than that. You may pale on the BEMA SEAT if you do not. Steven Odber as read from Google Search.

  2. Steven Odber says:

    Good to hear from you and I hope you Learn all my Details from my Youtube Channel, my links to Websites with Christian Witnessing of the Lord. I hope you Learn the Value of a Story that could be done on me. At first View of your reply , to me suggesting that the Kingdom of Heaven is not about US, that is a Hypocritical Answer to your own BLOG POST that I was responding to. Also a Bible Verse Comes to My Mind and I will quote the Reference only as I am sure you know the Scripture

  3. Thank you for sharing with us, I conceive this website
    genuinely stands out :D.

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