The Importance of Water Baptism

Water baptism is extremely important to those who believe in Jesus and who want to follow Him. However if you are not serious about following Jesus Christ, then what a baptism makes no sense. To be baptized in water is our public confession that we believe in Jesus and we obey Him; we have repented of sin we have died to sin and to our own desires and we wish to live for Jesus and therefore, by being baptized the old man of sin, that we used to be, is buried under the water, and out of the water comes a new man, our commitment to follow and obey Jesus Christ.

Water baptism is not about the person doing the baptizing, but about the person being baptized. It is his confession of his commitment to follow Jesus Christ. He has been born again of the Spirit of God, because his heart has been changed. He does not want to go after sin and the world, his own pleasures, anymore. He’s got a new heart he wants to follow Jesus. The old man has died he is a new creature, and therefore in obedience to Jesus he is baptized in water, to bury the old person of sin, that he used to be. And out of that water comes the new born again creature, a child of God, ready and eager to do the will of God, eager to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be led by the Holy Spirit. The born-again child of God wants to do the will of God, he wants to live for Jesus Christ and therefore he is committed to obey Jesus. He is eager to repent and be baptized in water, he’s eager to be filled with the Holy Spirit he is eager to be led by the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus Christ. If you have not been born again, if you have not had a change of heart and if you’re not committed to follow Jesus Christ until the very end, it makes no sense to get baptized. You are wasting your time but if you want to follow Jesus, you will be eager to be baptized because that is what He requires of us to demonstrate our commitment to Him, and that He has given us new life and we want to live that life for Him to please Him. That is what water baptism is about. The truly born again a child of God wants to be baptized in water and he’s eager to live his life in obedience to Jesus, to do His Master’s will. If you are truly born again you will not have a problem to get baptized. You will seek to do everything that Jesus requires of you.

If you want to follow Jesus, obey Him. Repent and be baptized, be filled with the Holy Spirit and then seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek Him every day. Go after Him. Follow Him every day until the very end. If you are not that serious about following Jesus, then don’t bother because you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

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