Your OPINION will take you to HELL

We live in a world of free choice where people are selfish and opinionated. Everybody wants to decide for themselves what they like, what they dislike. They express their opinion and live according to their own mind, that which they like and prefer. People make their own choices about the doctrines are they believe in, the way that they understand the Bible, the church that they want to attend, because it suits their opinion. That might be working out for you very well in this world, but in the kingdom of God everything is about obedience to Jesus Christ, not about our opinion.

If we want to enter the kingdom of God we have to sacrifice our own opinion, our own ideas, our own preferences and we have to submit ourselves to Jesus Christ. If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven and have eternal life you have to repent, not only of sin, but of your own opinion, your own ideas, your own ideals, and you have to submit yourself to Jesus Christ. You have to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Master of every aspect of your life, and you must obey Him. You must live according to His words and you must do what He tells you to do. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Jesus does not force us, He guides us and we have to willfully submit ourselves to Him. We have to willfully follow Him and go after Him. We have to willfully repent of all sin, willfully repent of our own opinion and submit ourselves to Jesus Christ. If we are not willing to give up our opinion then our opinion will take us to hell, because it’s either Jesus’ way or it is no way.

There’s only one way to enter the kingdom of heaven and that is to follow and obey Jesus Christ. You might believe in Jesus Christ for salvation but you will not enter His kingdom if you do not submit to Him, sacrifice your own opinion, obey and follow Jesus Christ. If we do not serve Jesus Christ as Lord and we do not submit ourselves to Him, and if we are not guided by the Holy Spirit we will not enter His kingdom. If your opinion is your idol then your opinion will take you to hell. Repent of your own mind, your own opinion. Submit to Jesus in everything, follow and obey Him, and you will have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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