How to be saved from hell

All humans are born with a sinful nature and unless we are born again of the Spirit of God we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. We are born selfish and sinful. Even the smallest little child is selfish and they have tantrums, they want things their way and they will do anything to have their way. We are born with a sinful nature and we live our lives for our own selfish desires and therefore we sin. Even a toddler lies when you catch him with his hand in the cookie jar or when he does something that he knows is wrong, that is sin.

We need to be born again to become children of God, and only Jesus Christ can give us that new birth, that new nature. Only Jesus Christ can save us from sin, but then we have to turn away from our own selfish evil ways and we have to live according to His ways, according to His commands. We have to repent from going after our own selfish desires and doing things our way for our own pleasure and benefit, and we have to live the Jesus way. We have to repent of sin and obey the commands of Jesus Christ, to be born again to become a child of God. We have to decide to turn away from our own ways we have to accept the Jesus way, to be saved from sin. And if we bow our knees before Jesus and we accept Him, we accept His way,then he changes us, He makes us new inside. If we repent of our sins, from our heart, with remorse, with a commitment not to turn back to our selfish lifestyle, but to live the Jesus way, then He makes us new inside and then we have to obey Him.

We have to be baptized in water as He commanded and Jesus promised to give His Spirit in us to guide us and to teach us. We have to build our relationship with Jesus, by first obeying His commands, by accepting His way, by accepting Him, the person Jesus Christ. It is not sufficient to believe in Jesus for salvation. You have to obey His words, you have to bow down before Him, cry out to Him and then you will get to know Him for real. Only Jesus Christ can save from sin. Only Jesus Christ and save from hell. The whole world is in the power of darkness, in the power of the evil one. People cannot do what they want to do, they are slaves to sin. They say they cannot stop sinning, they are addicted to certain things because they are bound by satan, but if you submit yourself to Jesus and you accept Him as your master then He makes you free from sin. He sets you free and whomever the Son of God has set free, will be free indeed. You will be free from the bondage of sin. It does not mean that you will not be tempted. You will be tempted because the evil one wants you to fail, he wants you to end up in hell, but you have to fight him off. You have to constantly reject evil, constantly reject satan and go after Jesus, live according to His words. Live in obedience to His Holy Spirit. Without Jesus we can do nothing, because only Jesus can save. It’s not a church, it’s not a book, it’s not a philosophy, it is not a series of steps that you take to get saved, it is about following Jesus Christ; about submitting yourself to Him and deciding to go after Him, to live His way until the end of your life, and then you will be saved. But if you go away from Jesus, if you turn back to your own evil ways, your selfish ways, then you will perish, unless you repent and go back to Jesus before you die, before it is too late.

There is only one who can save from sin and from hell and that is Jesus Christ. If you do not repent and if you do not follow and obey Jesus Christ until the end of your life, and if you do not live your life to please Him, you will end up in hell. You can only be saved if you go after Jesus and if you follow Him until the very end. it is all about our personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ. Those who serve and obey Him become part of His kingdom. They serve Him as Lord and Master. Many believe that they are saved, but they still live in sin. They still do sin, they still live their lives to please themselves. They are selfishly ambitious and they do not care for Jesus or the kingdom of God. They are on their way to hell. There’s only one way to enter the kingdom of heaven and that is the narrow way, the Jesus way to obey and follow Him until the very end. Only Jesus can save you, but you have to call out to Him. You have to be serious about following Him and stay serious until the very end. Your church, your Bible study, the Christian books that you read, your preacher, nobody else can save you, only Jesus Christ. It is about your real relationship with Him, knowing Him, listening to Him, following Him, and then, if you endure with Jesus until the very end, you will be saved.

There is no other way, Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life. If you want to be saved, if you want eternal life, go after Jesus. Turn away from your own ways and follow Jesus Christ every day until the very end. If we seek Him, we find Him. If we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us. If we obey Him, He reveals Himself to us, and we get to know Him for real. Do you know Jesus, and does He know you? Jesus will say to many people in that day that they die:” Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.” Many of them preachers, many of them people that believed that they were saved, but they never knew the Savior, they never followed and obeyed Jesus Christ. They lived for themselves, they did not live for the kingdom of God, they did not obey the King and therefore they will not enter His kingdom. Are you being saved? Are you following Jesus Christ every day?

May Jesus bless you.

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