Waiting for the Rapture IN VAIN

Many Christian believers are living in the false hope of the rapture. They believe that before the tribulation comes Jesus Christ will snatch them away and they will be taken home to glory, to be with Jesus for ever.
These people have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They are utterly deceived. They have been told that if they believe in Jesus Christ and they keep on attending church that they will be raptured before the tribulation strikes.
These people do not know Jesus Christ. Neither do they follow Him. They have no relationship with Him. They just believe a lie. They believe that they have salvation and they believe that Jesus Christ will rapture them, take them away before tribulation comes, but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ; they never obeyed His words, they never repented. They never turned away from their selfish, sinful existence, they never stopped sinning, they were never born again, they never obeyed Jesus Christ and were not baptized in water, they never received the Holy Spirit and they are not led bu the Holy Spirit. They just believe the lie, and they will perish in hell, because they don’t know Jesus Christ.
Many dates have been predicted for this rapture. The dates have come and the dates have gone and nothing happened, and still people believe the lie. They keep on making new predictions and they prefer to believe the lie, to run after these preachers that promise them salvation and the rapture. But neither the preachers, nor these people, know Jesus Christ.
Jesus said that we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him every day, we must live according to His words, we must be born again, we must take His yoke upon us, we must bear fruit for His kingdom. His sheep hear His voice, they listen to Him, they follow Him, they serve Him. These people are not His sheep, these people are not children of God, they are just deceived.
Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you follow and obey Him, or are you also deceived and waiting for the rapture?
May Jesus bless you.


About Justice Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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