Many believers need deliverance. Many believers are either demon possessed or oppressed. If the Son of God has set you free, you will be free and free indeed, You will not be a slave to sin. If you were born again, Jesus Christ makes you free from all bondage, but many believers were once set free by Jesus Christ, and then they got entangled in sin again.

They went back to sin, they opened the door to satan and his demons, and they came in and they took position of that person. As long as you sin, you are not fit for the kingdom of heaven, you are doomed and hell bound. You need to stop sinning. You need to be free from sin, and you need to do the will of God but, if you are bound by satan, by sin and by addictions, you need deliverance; you need to be set free, and unless you want to be free Jesus will not set you free. Many believers defend their sins and vices, their addictions. They say they cannot stop sinning. As long as you cannot stop sinning you are bound by satan, you need deliverance, and if you do not stop sinning, if you are not set free your addiction and those demons that you allowed in you will take you to hell, because they cause you to sin and make you unsuitable for the kingdom of heaven. There is hope, but you need to want to be free. As long as you still defend your sins and you do not want to be set free, as long as you still love your sin, you will never be set free, you will end up and hell. You need to hate that sin, you need to hate that addiction; you need to reject it.

You first need to repent to Jesus with remorse and ask Him to forgive you, for going back to sin, for getting entangled by satan again. You have to plead Jesus forgiveness for getting entangled in that sin, and then you have to reject that sin. You have to reject those demons that you have allowed back in your life. You opened the door to the devil, you open your door to pornography, to lust, to rage, to doubt, to fear and anxiety, because you turned your back on Jesus, because you ran after the desires of the flesh, and you have to reject those sins, repent of them, each of them, one by one, and then reject that sin. Speak to that sin. Pray, speak to that demon in you tell ,him to get out, tell him that he is not welcome anymore.

You have to cast him out, because you allowed him in. If you do not cast him out he will not go out, and if you are not serious about casting him out, he will either not go out, or if he does go, he will come back with his friends, and you will be worse off than you were before, because you opened the door to him, and to his friends. You need to seek deliverance, you need to seek to be free, to be holy, you need to spend time praying. Spend time with Jesus and ask Him to show you the things in your life that are not pleasing to Him, the vices, the wickedness in you; jealousy, envy, hatefulness, whatever it is. Jesus will show you; the Holy Spirit will convict you. Repent of each of those. Plead Jesus forgiveness, and then once you’ve repented with sorrow, being serious to be free, then speak to that demon in you, and tell him to leave. Keep on speaking to him until he leaves. You might yawn, you might puke, the demons in you might manifest; you might get the shakes, you might get burning sensation in your stomach. The demon will speak back to you, in your mind, but resist them in the name of Jesus, and cast them out, because if you don’t that demon will take you to hell.

You need to be clean, you need to be free. You need to be holy, to be suitable for the kingdom of heaven. You need to be a vessel of honor, that is pure and holy and filled with the Holy Spirit. But as long as you are still addicted and bound by satan, there is no space for the Holy Spirit. As long as the devil controls you, you will sin you will be rebellious against God, you have to take a stand to be delivered, to be free, to be holy and suitable for Jesus Christ. Repent of your laziness, your rebellion against God, your unrighteousness, repent of all those wicked things in you. Those demons that you’ve allowed in you, because they will take you to hell, if you do not get rid of them. Spend time with Jesus, go pray, ask Him to forgive you, and speak to your demons, cast them out, until they have left, and as the Holy Spirit brings them to mind, as they start manifesting in, you reject them, cast them out in the name of Jesus. Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. If you don’t, you will perish. You need deliverance, you need to be free, you need to be a suitable vessel for the kingdom of God, for the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. You need to be willing and eager to serve Jesus Christ, to listen to His Spirit, to follow Him. But you cannot do that if you are bound by satan, if you are addicted, if you’re a slave to sin, but you need deliverance.

Go to Jesus for that a deliverance. Repent and reject the demons, reject your evil, and dedicate your life to Jesus. Do not open the door to satan, again or else you he will come back and he will possess you. Be serious with Jesus, be holy and pure, be a vessel of Honor for His kingdom.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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