Discipline of God Reflection of Jesus

If we follow Jesus Christ we will become like Him. If we call ourselves Christians and followers of Jesus Christ we will be associated with Him and we have to reflect Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ disciplines every child that He receives. Everyone who accepts Him as their Lord and Master becomes a child of God and He treats them as children. He teaches us, He cares for us and He disciplines us.

The Holy Spirit will not always treat us nicely. If we refuse to listen and obey and change our ways to become like Jesus Christ and reflect Him, then He will discipline us. He will chastise us. If we continue in our wicked ways He will severely chastise us, He will punish us and in the end, if we do not listen, if we do not obey, if we do not change to become like Jesus Christ, He will cut us off and we will end up in hell with the children of disobedience. Every branch in Christ that does not bear good fruit will get cut off and burned. But first He will prune us, He will correct us and then if we do not bear fruit, He will cut us off.

Jesus Christ cares for us. He is long-suffering with us but there comes a day when the Holy Spirit will no longer plead with us. He will discipline us, severely discipline us, and then if we refuse to obey, refused to walk in His ways, we will get cut off and burned. Not everyone who is a child of God will enter into His kingdom. Not everyone who believes will inherit the kingdom of God. It is only those who become like Jesus because they walk with Him, it is only those who reflect Jesus Christ who are worthy of Him that will enter His kingdom.

Are we becoming like Jesus? Do we reflect Jesus Christ? Are we children of God, or are we sons of the devil and children of disobedience? Do not regard it lightly when the Holy Spirit convicts you. Do not reject or despise the discipline of the Holy Spirit when He chastises, you when He touches you in your body, when the works of your hands are destroyed because God is trying to get your attention, to change to bring you back to the truth, to bring you back to the narrow way, because if you disregard the discipline of God you will end in destruction.

Follow Jesus, become like Him, be the Light of the world and let the world see Jesus Christ in you. You are the Bible that the world reads; you are the Jesus that this world sees. Are we the light of the world? Are we worthy of Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.


About Justice Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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