Churchgoers do not know nor follow Jesus Christ

Churchgoers and Bible believers do not know nor do they follow Jesus Christ. Their entire religion is about their church and their Bible. They have no relationship with Jesus Christ. To them their whole little religious world depends on their church and on their Bible.
For many years Jesus drew me out of church. He tried to show me the wickedness and the deceit that was in the church. I was a serious churchgoer and I knew the Bible well and I could see all the things in church that were wrong and I thought that I could correct it, but I could not. They only hated me, they rejected me and eventually when I understood that church does not want to change, church is running it’s own affairs, when I understood that and I got out of church I realized that I did not really know Jesus.
Then I started studying the Bible more and more profusely, only to find out that I knew the Bible and I had become a hypocrite but I did not truly know Jesus Christ.
Many years Jesus revealed the truth to me but I could not take it, I could not understand it until He woke me up. He gave me understanding that the kingdom of God is about our relationship with Jesus Christ, the Living God, KNOWING Him and FOLLOWING Him, walking with Him daily.
The day that I realized that His sheep know His voice and they follow Him, and I did not, I said:”Lord, I do not know Your voice. I am not one of Your sheep. Please teach me Your voice. I want to follow You. I want to be one of Your sheep. I want to know that my Master is pleased with me.” It took me many years to get delivered from church. Once you are delivered from church and Bible study and Bible addiction, only then can you start following Jesus Christ.
The Bible points us to Jesus, testifies of Jesus, but very few Bible believers will ever follow Jesus Christ. The pharisees were the Bible believers, the Scribes of the time and they were the ones who rejected Jesus Christ. They proved from the scriptures that He was not the Messiah, He was not the one that God promise to send to them and they crucified Him. The very same today, those who hold on to their church and their Bible, crucify Jesus Christ, they deny Him, they reject Him and they will not follow Him. You have to repent of everything, repent of your church and of your addiction, your dependence on your Bible and on other things and totally trust in Jesus.
Come before Him on your knees, cry out to Him. Say:”Lord I want to know You. Lord speak to me. Lord teach me. Please guide me.” Start talking to Jesus and start LISTENING. Start seeking Him and do not look for the opinions of other people. Do not look for answers in the Bible or in the writings of people, so called spiritual people, men of God. A real man of God takes you to God. He brings you on your knees before Jesus Christ.
Get to know Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him. He is knocking at the door of your heart and has been doing so from the beginning, but you never understood it. Eternal life is about Jesus Christ, the Living God, KNOWING Him, FOLLOWING Him, OBEYING Him, every day of your life, becoming part of His kingdom and serving Him. Jesus Christ must become more real to you than anything else.
Do you truly know Jesus Christ, the Living God?
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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One Response to Churchgoers do not know nor follow Jesus Christ

  1. letsgetreal2016 says:

    church and religion give people false reassurance of salvation.

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