Christian Models

The world is full of Christian models, people that conform to different forms and shapes of Christianity. Some of them do look like they just come from the beach.
Different churches have different teachings and those who belong to those churches conform to the image that their church portrays of Jesus Christ. There are denominational and non-denominational Christians but there are very few that conform to the image of Jesus Christ. All of those models are just FAKE. There is only one way to please God and that is to follow and obey Jesus, to conform to His teachings, to be like Him. All other roads lead to destruction. Most confessing Christians conform to some model. Many of them are just spectators who constantly read the Bible and study, they practice religion. Some of them are just idle talkers but very few follow Jesus Christ.
Very few are disciples of Jesus Christ. Only those who conform to the image of Christ, those who walk with Him and become like Him, only they are pleasing to Him.
Are we conformed to Jesus Christ or have we become like the rest of the world, FAKES?
May Jesus bless you.

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19 Responses to Christian Models

  1. Bikers, surfers & the like worship around their idols….it is the idol and not Jesus that define them.

  2. Throwaway says:

    Mr. Boshoff, I am very confused. Would you please help me?

    I was raised a Charismatic Christian. We went to church every Sunday, but I always questioned God’s existence. I have had mental health issues (which I believe you would say are Demons) most of my life. I’ve always had bad anxiety and I’ve always had these… Bad suggestions in my head. I think it started with the idea to ask God out of my heart. When I was young, probably 9 or 10, I had never heard of the unpardonable sin, yet I all of a sudden had the idea to ask God out of my heart. This scared me. I did not want to go to hell, because I’ve always had anxiety about hell. I don’t know how to explain why I did it, but it’s almost like these suggestions were filed by fear and it seemed like the only way to stop that fear was to do the suggestion. It honestly felt like I didnt have a choice, because I thought that I could maybe avoid saying it for a minute, but not my entire life. Before doing anything, I would pray that God wouldn’t listen to me when I was praying those bad things, but I prayed things like asking God to leave my heart and never let me go to heaven. I also had the idea to pick up knives and cut/stab myself. Thankfully that was easier to avoid because I was able to throw the knives somewhere where I couldn’t reach them, but I still did things like slice my finger once or twice.

    Now that you understand these things I’ve dealt with, this is where my main problem begins. When I was 14, I was full of anxiety researching this supposed group that controls the entire world called the Illuminati. I don’t believe this exists anymore, but that’s how I came across this. I was reading, and I heard of the Unpardonable Sin. Now, I was told by my parents that it was impossible to lose salvation – ever. So I looked it up, and immediately it was like I was being told to say something along the lines of “The power of the Holy Spirit comes from Satan”. I was so incredibly scared to say it, but I also thought that a Christian could never lose their salvation, so I said it. I didn’t feel any immediate change, but as I started researching this sin more I was filled with incredible anxiety. And then I was tempted to say it again. And again. And again. And then one or two times, which scares me the most, I felt like I had to make myself mean it. So even though I did not at all believe the words coming out of my mouth (the same phrase), I tried to make myself mean it. I hated myself and there were times when I thought that just dying would be easier to end the pain. Over the course of the next year, I was more depressed and anxious than at any other time in my life. It was awful. I lost a lot of weight because I didn’t want to eat when I was scared, which was almost all the time.

    To skip the next couple of years, I researched more and became a weird mixture of Eastern Orthodox (which I have just been leaning towards) and agnostic because of how much conflicting information there is. But over those couple of years, I kept being drawn back to your videos, though honestly mostly out of being scared and to see if the title spoke anything to me.

    For some reason, over the last couple of days, I’ve been really engrossed in your videos and I’ve been very very scared a lot. It’s like something in me wants me to keep going back to your videos and watch and understand more. I watched your video on Backslidden Christians and the Unpardonable Sin and that gave me hope, along with your comments that as long as we are on this world, we can still repent and that God has never and will never turn away a repentant sinner. I’m still scared though. Last night I prayed to God and confessed my sins, tried my hardest to not sin and asked for an answer to my questions, hopefully in a dream last night. I did have peace while praying, but to my knowledge, I never had a dream, even though I was peaceful when I woke up. I’m worried that I have committed the sin and no matter how much I want to repent, no matter how much I want to follow and love God and be one of his children, I’m being rejected and going to hell. I’m also scared because you said in one of your videos that sometimes Demons speak through people to tell them they’ve committed the sin, yet that one time when I said it, i tried to make myself mean it. I don’t know if maybe that’s still demons or how to quantify that. It was a while ago so my recollection isn’t perfect but it scares me so much. If God really is real, I want to follow and serve him and be one of his children with all my heart. I want to repent.

    Mr. Boshoff, please, you say you talk to God. Would you please pray about this if God doesn’t just speak to you immediately about this? I’ve tried praying myself and I’ve gotten no answer as far as I can tell, and I’m afraid God is rejecting me by not answering me.

    Thank you!

    • Dear friend, Jesus gave you peace when you prayed. Why are you doubting? Jesus calls us to follow Him. Do it. Go after Him. Repent and be baptized in water. Focus on Jesus, not on being perfect or on not sinning. If we stay focused on Jesus He keeps our feet out of the snares. Keep praying, stay in His peace. Even if it means you are praying all day. Do not look back. Go after Jesus. He will answer in His time. May Jesus bless you.

      • Throwaway says:

        You ask why I’m doubting, and there’s a few reasons. The first one is that when I was praying, I asked that regardless if the answer, to please give me peace. So now I’m worried that maybe that’s all this peace is, and that I still don’t have a chance. Also, when I was driving home yesterday and praying, I asked for forgiveness specifically for the time I said that phrase and tried to make myself mean it, and all of a sudden I was terrified again while praying. I have no clue what to think about that. I had peace again after that, but maybe that’s because I asked specifically for peace and God gave that to me even though I have no chance of getting out of hell. Regardless, I’m currently feeling very scared and terrified while writing this. Have you heard anything about my salvation? I’m sorry to bother you… This is just bothering me a lot and I don’t know which version of Jesus is the real one and I’m so confused, and I’m just very scared of getting it wrong or already being knocked out of the running for heaven and ending up in hell for eternity. I don’t want that at all…

      • Jesus did not throw you away. satan wants you to give up and he wants you to doubt. Rebuke him in the name of Jesus and he will flee from you. If Jesus rejected you, you would not be alive today. You still have the chance to go after Him and follow Him. Once you die it is over. Today is the day of salvation. Go after Jesus with all that is in you and do not doubt any more. Never give up, go after Jesus with all your power.
        May Jesus bless you.

      • Throwaway says:

        Thank you, sir, that really did help a lot. I have one more thing bothering me if you don’t mind me asking. You’ve claimed other people have blasphemed the Holy Spirit before, yet they’re still living. Could you explain that for me please? Has God not given up on them either?

      • Dear friend, I am not God and I cannot speak for God but I know Him, I know Jesus and He showed me mercy, so now I can encourage others. Never give up. I was going down into hell and I kept on pleading. Jesus gave me a second chance, that is why I am here to encourage you. Don’t give up. May Jesus bless you.

      • Throwaway says:

        Okay, I understand. But you’re certain that if I come back to God and really genuinely try to serve him, he won’t reject me? I’m sorry for being so pushy, I’m just very scared, especially after not getting an answer, at least in the way I thought, last night.

      • Throwaway says:

        I’m very very sorry for bothering you again and asking again sir, but would you please answer? I’m trying my hardest to get rid of the fear that God is done with me and I have no chance of ever being one of his children, but it is difficult to get rid of. I prayed a lot last night and I was peaceful for most of it thankfully. Just considering that you claim to know God and that God speaks to you, it would be very calming to hear from you that you’re sure that God would accept me back if I came. Thank you.

      • Throwaway says:

        Or would you just tell me if you stand by your original statement that God hasn’t thrown me away and that I can still come back to Jesus? So far I’ve been getting closer to Jesus and praying for forgiveness and guidance and I’m thankful for that, just I still have this doubt in the back of my mind that I’m doing this all for nothing and that regardless of how close I try to get to God, it won’t mean anything and that God will throw me into hell anyway. Would the Holy Spirit even let me have the desire to repent and get closer to God if he would reject me no matter what? Thank you!

    • Jesus rewards those who diligently seek Him. Seek and you will find. Draw closer to Jesus and He will draw closer to you. Seek Him and stop doubting, dear friend.

      • Throwaway says:

        Okay. It’s true that my greatest fear is to go to God humbly and full of repentance here on earth and to hear that he will never let me back. You’re sure I shouldn’t be afraid of that?

      • Throwaway says:

        Would you just tell me if you still agree with what you said when you said “Jesus did not throw you away.” and “You still have the chance to go after Him and follow Him.”? It would mean a lot to hear you say that. Thank you.

  3. Throwaway says:

    Also, I’m still very sorry to bother you, but if I diligently pray and ask for repentance and I don’t get a response, does that mean that God has given up on me and that I should just give up? I just have so much conflicting information in my head right now that knowing what to do is difficult. I’m still torn between Orthodoxy or the type of pentecostal Christianity Mary k Baxter believes in and this. It’s very confusing, but I’m praying for truth and clarity. I’m just worried that since I haven’t had a response, at least in the way that I would expect like a voice or a dream or a vision, that God is really done with me and wants nothing to do with me and continuing to search for truth would just end up hurting more.

    • You will get your response but not in the way or when you expect. Get your focus on Jesus and not on other people. Only Jesus can help us, dear friend. God answers in His time. Go and read Job and see how long he waited for a response.

  4. Throwaway says:

    Thank you, sir. I don’t believe Jesus is done with me. I wouldn’t be going through all of this soul searching and truth hunting right now if Jesus didn’t want me.

    I do have a question though. The Bible says “Study to show thyself approved,” so I’m thinking maybe what God wants me to do is to find someone to study with and go through everything from the Bible to the Early Church writings while also earnestly praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance and confirmation of the truth He wants us to know. The Bible also says “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”

    If we earnestly study and pray and seek the truth, God willing, we will end up in the correct spot with God guiding us, right? There are just certain things that you’ve said that didn’t make much sense to me which is why I’m wondering, like when you said that the early Christians avoided church building and “man appointed positions,” yet the Early Christians actually did still go to the Jewish Temple to worship until they were kicked out, and then hosted church at their richest members’ houses so they could find 50-ish people inside at once. We also have traces of actual church buildings as early as the 2nd century. It just doesn’t seem like the early Christians had a problem with Church.

    I’m sorry, I’m not trying to attack you, I’m just trying to point out that we’re all human and subject to being wrong. My point is, if I and a good Christian friend of mine study and earnestly seek God and his truth and pray, we will find it, right?


    • Many Names says:

      Dear friend,
      Isaiah 66:1-2 says “Thus says the Lord ‘Heaven is My throne and the earth My footstool; what is the house that you would build for Me, and what is the place of My rest? All these things My hand has made, and so all these things came to be, declares the Lord”.
      Acts 17:22-31 “So Paul, standing in the midst of the Areopagus, said: ‘Men of Athens, I perceive that in every way you are very religious. For as I passed along and observed the objects of your worship, I found also an altar with this inscription, “To the unknown god”. What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you. The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does NOT live in temples made by man, nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything. And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward Him and FIND Him. Yet He is actually not far from each of us for “In Him we live and move and have our being”, as even some of your own poets have said, “For we are indeed His offspring”.
      Being then God’s offspring, we ought not to think that divine being is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and imagination of man. The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent, because He has fixed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by a Man whom He Has appointed, and of this He Has given assurance to all by raising Him from the dead”.

      Seek Jesus Christ and you will find Him dear friend, invite Him in your heart. Abide in Him, and let Him abide in you. Do NOT look for a special day like Sunday (modern Sabbath) in which you shall devote yourself to the Lord. Every day, every moment walk with Jesus Christ and He will reveal Himself more and more unto you. May Jesus bless you.

    • Many Names says:

      Isaiah 66:1-2 / Acts 17:22-31

      Dear friend, read the above, follow Jesus Christ every day, every moment. Do NOT seek for a special day like Sunday in which you will go to some building called “church” and worship God. Worship Him in spirit and truth every day until the very end. Abide in Jesus and let Him abide in you. Invite Him in your heart and to live in you and separate you from the world and bring you closer to Him and His Kingdom. The true church is the Body of Christ, which is formed when two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ and worship Him together as ONE. May Jesus bless you.

  5. Jim Gao says:

    Dear brother, I can see from your interesting questions that you are a confused young man eager to please God. I too, had my own questions regarding my interpretation of the Bible, such as – How can Abraham be righteous if he slept with his daughters? Or, if the prophets preceding Jesus had never met Him, were they saved? Or, should the events described in the Book of Revelation be taken literally? The Apostle Peter was also curious and ask many questions, one of which was about what would happen to Apostle John, so he asked the Lord about it. But Jesus did not satisfy his curiosity, instead He replied: “What is it to thee? Follow thou me!”

    There are countless questions one can raise about the Bible or Christian theology, but most of them have nothing to do with us following Jesus. Brother Jan, or anyone else sent by God, are not here to solve theology problems, they are to warn us to FEAR GOD and, as his last video so aptly put it, “take people’s hands and put them into that of Jesus”. You are certainly encouraged to keep on pressing to solve some of the most esoteric Bible mysteries, after all, curiosity is one of the essential qualities God’s children possess that lead them to Jesus in the first place. However, if the answer you are seeking does not pertain to our salvation nor God’s kingdom, then I am afraid that you might not get a better answer than Apostle Peter did all those years ago: “What is it to thee? Follow thou me!”

    Like you, I came across Brother Jan’s videos recently, and immediately knew I was receiving something completely different from the daily preaching found elsewhere. The theme of his messages is easy to identify – FOLLOW JESUS ONLY, Never MEN! Brother Jan is not Christ, Jesus is; Brother Jan does not have all the answers, Jesus does; Brother Jan cannot take us into God’s Kingdom, Jesus can. All brother Jan does is to point you, me and everyone else who love the truth, to Jesus. Like he pleaded so often throughout his videos, we need to humble ourselves and kneel in front of Jesus, and beg Him to reveal His Truth in us. Then we have to follow Him, obey Him until the very end. I began to take his advice seriously not long ago, and I can already see the changes the Lord is making in my life.

    May you also find Truth and freedom in Jesus Christ.

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