My Holy Spirit Baptism Speaking in tongues My Testimony

I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1972, that was after I had sought after it for some tme.
I want to share my experience with you of the Comforter the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to those who obey Him.
The Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues is given to us as a gift, a confirmation from God the Father that we are His children. He gives us the gift of tongues so that we can speak in that tongue at any time.
Since the time that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I have been speaking in tongues at any time, at will. I can speak in tongues now God gave me the tongue, it is mine.
It’s a gift. It’s my connection with the Spirit of God, He has given me OF His Spirit. It is not a guarantee that I wil have eternal life. It is a guarantee that He has accepted me as His child and it COMFORTS me that I can speak to Him in tongues at any time.
He gave me a special tongue that I can pray with at any time while I am walking along, while I am driving or while I am praying, At any time I can speak in that tongue because it is mine, he has given it to Me and He will never take it away and it has been with me for all those many years.
There are also other times when I pray, and when I pray for long periods that He gives me other tongues. There are times when I am praying with other brothers and sisters that He gives me a TONGUE WITH INTERPRETATION but the tongue that He has given me to pray to Him with
to connect to Him with, any time that tongue has stayed with me since that time that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and that is why Jesus said: I send you the Comforter. because it comforts us when I KNOW, I received the Holy Spirit and this is the proof, this tongue that Jesus has given me as He has promised and it is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead that dwells in Me the comfort that I have, the proof that I have, to me ALL THE TIME is the tongue that I can speak He won’t take it away from me. I don’t understand what I am saying but my spirit together with the Spirit of God prays mysteries unto God as Paul also said (1 Corinthians 14:2)
At those times when we as children of God get together and we get into serious prayer incessant prayer with God, then the Holy Spirit comes on people and the one will have a tongue which is not the tongue that he normally prays in. God will give him that tongue and He will give somebody else the interpretation not the TRANSLATION, the INTERPRETATION the MEANING of what the Spirit of God wants to convey to those people who are there together praying that is what the interpretation of the tongue is.
At other times the Lord will give me a prophecy where I speak directly what God puts into my heart
the message that He has given for those people who are there together. At other times also when I pray the Lord will give me a prophecy, He will speak to me in my spirit in English or in Afrikaans, my own home language and I will write those words down because the Spirit of God dwells in me.
Now that is not unique to me that is promised to every one who has accepted Jesus as is written in Acts 2:38,39, where Peter said this promise is for you and for your children and for all of those whom the Lord our God will call unto Him.
Dear friend, you need the baptism in the Holy Spirit you need the gift of the Holy Spirit with tongues so that you are COMFORTED constantly by the knowledge that you HAVE THE GIFT OF THE SPIRIT YOU EXCERCISE THE GIFT you can speak in tongues any time, you don’t need to

close your eyes, you don’t go into a trance like some people do (pretend) they get these convulsions and things that is just a show. We might get excited when we pray but that is the person that gets excited
that is not the Spirit of God that takes control of him.
The Holy Sirit is not a CONTROLLING SPIRIT, He is a GUIDING SPIRIT, The Lord puts those words in your spirit and you speak those words He does not take control of you like some people say,

they are not speaking the truth The Spirit of God will put and unction in you and you will feel driven to do things but HE WILL NOT FORCE YOU TO DO IT. You have got to OBEY the Spirit of God
The Spirit of God guides us and LEADS US.
The Holy Spirit in us leads us into righteousness and into holiness and if you are not right with the Lord, if you are disobedient then when you pray in tongues you know, you are not right with God. The Holy Spirit convicts you. It is the Comforter that God gives and the Comforter does not want to comfort you WHEN YOU ARE DOING WRONG. WHEN YOU ARE DOING WRONG, THE COMFORTER CONVICTS YOU OF SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUDGMENT because as a child of God you are fortunate, you are blessed with the benefit of being CHASTISED AND CORRECTED
and the Holy Spirit of God loves you and wants us to be HOLY and therefor He wil convict us when we do wrong and if we continue in our wrong doing GOD WILL CHASTISE (PUNISH) US and He will chastise us severely, like He has done to me also Having the Holy Spirit does not make a person special
you are just human, you are flesh and blood but, YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE COMFORTER.
Dear friends, I want to encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit because it is promised to you and to me and to everyone whom the Lord Jesus has called unto Him and if the gospel of Jesus Christ has come to you then you are called then you must respond to that call invite Jesus into your heart and don’t run away from the gifts of the Holy Spirit. EMBRACE THE HOLY SPIRIT IT IS THE SPIRIT OF GOD
ask Jesus for the gifts, ask Him for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and then for MORE, more of His Spirit not as something for yourself but to equip you to serve better because those who are led by the Spirit of God. they are the sons of God The Spirit of God will never force you never drag you along and therefor we need to seek the gift of the Holy Spirit we need to seek to be baptized in the Holy Spirit
and we need to seek to be fruitful.

Dear friends, what is of the flesh is of the flesh and what is of the Spirit of God that comes from God

you cannot fake it we can accumulate for ourselves a lot of knowledge we can know the Bible from cover to cover but yet be WITHOUT CONTACT WITH GOD WITHOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD and if we don’t have the Holy Spirit then we are dead, we are spiritually dead we come alive in the Spirit when we receive the Spirit of Christ and therefor we have got to open ourselves to the

Holy Spirit Once you have received the Holy Spirit baptism you must practice it.
It is NOT a safe guard against hell neither is it a safeguard against backsliding. I backslid for more than ten years and even in that time, when I was far away from the Lord He did not take the gift of the Holy Spirit away from me I just thank Him that He chastised me and He spoke to me SEVERELY
TO THE POINT WHERE I CAME BACK TO HIM because He never left me, I left Him.
Dear friends, you NEED the baptism in the Holy Spirit you NEED the gift of tongues so that you are constantly COMFORTED you can pray in tongues any time, as you drive along, as you walk along
while you are washing the dishes while I am siting here,

I can speak in tongues any time. In that one specific tongue but when I get into incessant prayer, as I said then God gives me other tongues and then the Spirit of God prays with your spirit and through your spirit speaks mysteries unto God and that is why He gives His COMFORTER to us so that we can be constantly COMFORTED by the indwelling of His Spirit!
You need the Holy Spirit, dear friend and you can only get it from Jesus you cannot fake it. The world cannot receive the Holy Spirit only those who come to the Father through Jesus Christ.
It is a gift to those who are connected to the living God through Jesus Christ and that is why it is

the proof to you that God has accepted you and when the devil comes with doubt and accuses you of things and says: “Well the Lord has rejected you! He doesn’t want you any more”
You say:”No satan, I still speak in tongues, because my Father gave me a gift. I am still connected to Him!”

So dear friends, if you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, practice it every day and let the Holy Spirit comfort you, all the time because He said: I will send you the Comforter Who will be with you for EVER.
So, you need the Holy Spirit dear friend. You need to pray in tongues all the time, ALL THE TIME!
While you are driving along, whatever you are doing, you say….(speaking in tongues)
While I am speaking to you, while I am doing anything, I can be praying in tongues in my spirit
My spirit is rejoicing in my King When I wake up at night, I am praying in tongues…
My spirit is rejoicing in the Lord always. I am connected to the living God!
Have you received the COMFORTER?
DO NOT REJECT HIM! The Lord will give you your own tongue dear friend and you will know for ever that He has accepted you and He will Comfort you, FOR EVER until that very day that you see Jesus Christ face to face.
May Jesus bless you


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