Salvation is not just believing in Jesus Christ, it is about discipleship , a new way of living, following and obeying Jesus Christ. It is about a constant awareness of Jesus Christ, being tuned in to His Holy Spirit who will guide and teach you every step of the way. It is about living in obedience to Jesus, firstly to REPENT and to turn away from sin and from the things of the world, even turning away from myself, my own plans, my own ambitions, and to go after Jesus Christ, to DIE to myself, to that which I want to do, that which is important for ME because Jesus Christ has become the center of my life. The old man of sin and selfishness is buried under water in baptism because he died, he is mortified, and therefor in obedience to Jesus Christ, after repentance, we are BAPTIZED IN WATER to bury the old man and from that water emerges a new man, born again in Christ to live as a disciple and as a member, a child of the kingdom of God, to be LED by the Spirit of God, to LIVE IN OBEDIENCE to the Holy Spirit.

Once we are baptized in water we seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit, we constantly make ourselves aware of Jesus Christ, we keep His words in our mind, we keep Him in our mind and we make sure that we do not sin against Him. We ask His guidance in everything. Our whole life belongs to Jesus Christ and we live our life to please Him.

Our life is about the Lord’s prayer:”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done…” We ask His guidance in everything, in our job, where to work, where to live, our relationships; how to handle our relationships with other people, with our spouse, with our children, with our family. In everything, Jesus Christ comes FIRST. We ask His wisdom in all decisions, we pray and we wait on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We seek to do the will of God, we seek to SERVE in the kingdom of God and we can only achieve that if we go after Jesus, if we constantly seek Him in prayer, keep our mind on Him wherever we are, whatever we do, during our day, while working, while going to school, while seeing to the normal things of life where God put us.

Our mind is on Christ. We submit every thought to Christ so that the words that the words that come from our mouth will be pleasing to Him and the things that we do will bring glory to Him because our mind is on Christ. It is the NEW WAY OF LIVING. It is not about ME any more and my selfish desires, about satisfying my WANTS and WISHES but it is about being pleasing to my Master.

That is the NEW WAY OF LIVING the way a disciple lives. His mind is on Jesus Christ all the time, even when he wakes up at night he prays and he says:”Lord please fill me with Your mind, please fill with Your wisdom, please fill me with Your guidance, please SHOW me the WAY because I want to walk in YOUR WAYS.” It is the WAY of following Jesus Christ, of seeking His approval, of seeking to do HIS WILL of being a disciple of the kingdom of God. We seek to please our Master. We become part of the kingdom of God. Why? Because our mind is on our Master, our mind is on Jesus Christ and He will fill our mind with his thoughts, with His wisdom, with His guidance because we seek HIM.

If we are not living that NEW WAY OF LIVING then we do not have salvation, we are not BEING SAVED, we are not FOLLOWING Jesus Christ. We have to follow Him HIS WAY and the only way that we can know His way is if our mind is on Him, if we direct our life towards Him to please Him. If we open our mind and our spirit to Jesus Christ, He FILLS us with His wisdom and His guidance. He teaches us and He guides us, He gives us UNDERSTANDING of all things because He makes us part of His kingdom, because we WANT to, because we are LIVING THE NEW WAY.

Have you made up your mind to follow Jesus Christ and live the NEW WAY? There is only ONE WAY to have eternal life and that is Jesus Christ, living the NEW WAY until the very end, to LOVE Him, to FOLLOW Him and to live our lives to please Him. We have to LIVE THE NEW WAY. Are you living the NEW WAY in Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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