Be willing to GO

If you HEAR the gospel of Jesus Christ and you BELIEVE and you OBEY Him; you REPENT and you are BAPTIZED IN WATER and you receive the BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, the Spirit of Christ IN, you and you STAY WITH Jesus then there will come a day when Jesus will CALL you, when He will say to you:”Follow Me.” He will SEND you to someone or He will send you somewhere.

He will CALL you to SERVE. But if you are not willing to OBEY Him, to FOLLOW Him, if you are not willing to GO where He sends you, He will not force you but when you stand before Him He will say to you:”You were not willing to follow Me. You were not willing to serve Me. You could not bear the FRUIT that I wanted you to bear.” We cannot please God if we do not bear FRUIT. We cannot bring glory to God if we do not SERVE and OBEY Jesus Christ, if we do not FOLLOW where Jesus guides us. We have to be WILLING to GO where Jesus sends us and DO what He TELLS us to do or else we cannot bear fruit.

If we will not SERVE the Master we cannot be part of His kingdom. When Jesus calls you, do not hesitate, GO. Or else you are not fit for the kingdom of heaven. Many were called but very few answered to the call. Those who would not answer and would not FOLLOW Jesus and would not SERVE Him will be cast out in UTTER DARKNESS, they will end up with the unbelievers and the sinners in the lake of fire.

When Jesus calls you, you must GO. BE WILLING!

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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