Question your conviction

There are many different beliefs and religions in this world and even among Christians there are thousands of churches that have different doctrines and their members hold on to those doctrines, those beliefs. But not all of those can be TRUE. There is only ONE TRUTH and that TRUTH is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY and the LIFE and the TRUTH and He will reveal the TRUTH to those who seek the truth, but people hold on to their BELIEFS for various reasons. They feel COMFORTABLE with their way of believing and thinking, their church, and they even defend their beliefs and that is why many will perish because they believe lies. They do not BELIEVE nor do they OBEY the TRUTH.

If we want to know the TRUTH we have to question our convictions, our beliefs, that we grew up in, that which we feel safe with, our interpretation or understanding of the Bible. We must question it and we must ask Jesus Christ to reveal the TRUTH to us or else we will remain deceived. There is only ONE TRUTH and as long as we hold on to LIES and FALSE CONVICTIONS we will not follow the truth, we will go after lies. For many years people believed that the world was flat until they found out that the world is indeed not flat, but they believed it.

If we want to know the TRUTH and have LIFE we have to question our convictions, everything that we have learned. We have to question whom we have learned it from, where we have heard it. If it doesn’t come from Jesus then it is not pure. Whatever we have learned, whatever we have heard, whatever we believe, whatever our conviction, we have to submit it to Jesus Christ and say:”Lord, please show me the TRUTH.” and He will show us the truth.

It is written in James 1:5 “If any man needs wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all men freely without reproach.” Jesus Christ IS the TRUTH. Question your convictions, question what other people say to you because every man is a liar and God is the truth. People often just do not know the truth and therefor they do not speak the truth. They believe LIES, they are under WRONG CONVICTION through IGNORANCE, through what they have been taught.

Question your convictions and ask Jesus Christ and He will tell you the truth because Jesus Christ ALONE is the TRUTH. Jesus Christ is ALIVE and He SPEAKS and He guides everyone who truly seeks the truth.

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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