False Conversions Fake Christians

The world is full of false Christians who have never CONVERTED to Christianity, they have never become followers of Jesus Christ. Most “Christians” just admit that they are sinners and they keep on sinning, they have never been transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ because they are not following Him. They are not Christians, they are FAKE CHRISTIANS.

If you follow Jesus Christ then you go after Him, you OBEY His teachings, you become LIKE HIM, and if you obey Jesus Christ He reveals Himself to you. He gives His Spirit IN you so that you hear his voice, you LISTEN to Him, you are TRANSFORMED into His likeness, you are CHANGED. You have to REPENT, turn away from sin, turn away from how you used to live and LIVE THE JESUS WAY. Do as He commanded or else you are a FALSE CHRISTIAN, you have never converted. You never became a child of God, you are still a sinner, a follower of satan.

Are you a REAL follower of Jesus Christ? Or are you still doing as YOU please? Have you also been deceived by false Christianity? If you do not follow Jesus, obey Him, become like Him, stop sinning, listen to His Spirit, do what He commands you to do, then you will END UP IN HELL. Jesus Christ is the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE. You have to FOLLOW and OBEY Him. You have to CHANGE and become LIKE HIM, be transformed into His likeness or else you are a fake Christian, you are a son of the devil and you will spend eternity with your father, satan, in hell.

You have to CHANGE, you have to FOLLOW Jesus and become LIKE Him or else you are a FALSE CHRISTIAN, you are a FAKE and you will end up in hell. No sinners will go into the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ. They are REAL CHRISTIANS.

Are you a REAL CHRISTIAN, a follower of Jesus Christ? Do you LOOK, TALK, WALK and LIVE like Jesus Christ or are you just still a sinner?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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