Possessed Compelled Driven DOOMED SINNERS

Sinners are controlled by satan and that is why they display the nature of satan. They are POSSESSED, they cannot do what they WANT to do. That is why many people say that they cannot stop sinning, they are compelled by demons that possess them, they are driven by lust and evil selfish desires, they DO NOT HAVE A FREE WILL. They are POSSESSED by satan.
If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master then He sets you FREE so that you have a FREE WILL again and you CAN DO the will of God, you CAN STOP SINNING, you CAN DO what is pleasing to God because those whom the Son of God has set free will be FREE and FREE INDEED.
Many did accept Jesus Christ but they went back to sin, they went back to their former life style and they became entangled again, they became possessed by satan again, they became SLAVES OF SIN again. That is why most Christians say that they cannot stop sinning, they are SLAVES TO SIN, they are not free any more, they have LOST the FREEDOM OF THE SONS OF GOD, they are DOOMED and they WILL PERISH if they do not repent and go back to Jesus, do His will, live holy and righteously.
Are you FREE and LIBERATED? Are you WALKING WITH GOD? Are you DOING the will of God, being LED by the Holy Spirit and are you pleasing to Jesus? Or are you a SINNER, are you DOOMED?
Call on Jesus, submit yourself to Him and He will SET YOU FREE, then go with Him, follow Him every day in holiness and in righteousness. Exercise your freedom and DO the will of God. Sow GOOD SEED and you will reap eternal life. Follow Jesus Christ and you will be FREE indeed!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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