HUMBLE yourself before Jesus

Jesus Christ is LORD. All power and all authority belongs to Him and He will decide who will enter heaven and who will not. He gives eternal life to those who honor Him and who obey Him. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Jesus cares for us and He loves us but we have to honor Him and respect Him. We have to SERVE Him as LORD. We have to come before Him in AWE and reverence and give Him the HONOR that is due to Him. We have to HUMBLE ourselves before Him or HE WILL NOT HEAR US!
If we do not come before Jesus with a PURE HEART, with the RIGHT MOTIVES and HUMBLE OURSELVES before Him HE WILL NOT HEAR US! If we are not SERIOUS He will NOT LISTEN TO US. We have to give Him the honor that is due to Him, He is LORD! He is KING! He is MASTER!
Many people familiar with Jesus. They think He is their buddy. They talk about Jesus like He is their little brother, many theologians are like that, it is because they DON’T KNOW JESUS! They disregard Him and they despise Him because they don’t know Him.
We have to humble ourselves before Jesus and seek His favor, seek His mercy, seek His approval. Treat Him as Lord and Master and He will answer you. Go humbly before Him on your knees and seek Him with all your heart. Regard Him as KING and Lord and Master, and he will reveal Himself to you. Jesus Christ is LORD, He is NOT our buddy. He is GOD ALMIGHTY, humble yourself before Him.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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