My BIG Mistake


When I was young I was eager for Jesus. I was witnessing, praying for the sick, street preaching and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. But then I met up with a group of people who were casting out demons and prophesying (personal prophecies), and I got involved with these people. They were also following after the teachings of some American prophet. They influenced me to leave my job and join them to evangelize. While I was with this group I became attracted to a girl but they prophesied to this girl that she should marry some other young man in the group and they tried to influence me to marry another girl in the group. This girl that I was attracted to immediately responded to their prophecy and became affectionate to the other person whom they prophesied about.

I was mad. But I was mad at God not mad at the people that I had wrongly followed. The mistake I made was that I was following Jesus until I became part of a group and followed after people. Then I left Jesus and for many years I did not serve the Lord.

That is the mistake that many people make, they take their eyes off Jesus and they follow people. After many years away from the Lord Jesus, with much suffering, because of my own foolishness, the Lord Jesus brought me back to Him. But the lesson that I learned was to NEVER TRUST ANY PERSON again, to put my trust in Jesus ALONE, to LISTEN to HIM and to FOLLOW HIM, because Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE.

I learned a very tough lesson but today I can WARN other people NOT TO GO AFTER ANY PREACHER, NOT TO JOIN ANY GROUP but to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST ALONE! Do not take the advice of people, PRAY and ASK JESUS and He will guide you, He will give you wisdom and you will get to KNOW HIM. After some forty years I learned this girl that also listened to the prophecy had a disastrous marriage, she was divorced after five years and her life was wrecked.

If you follow after people you will be destroyed. You need to follow after Jesus Christ. Serve Him and TRUST HIM ALONE. Trust no man. Get your focus on Jesus. He will guide your footsteps and He will never forsake you, He will never let you down. But when you take your eyes off Jesus YOU ARE DOOMED!

Follow Jesus Christ ALONE. Follow no man.


May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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