Become like Jesus NOT like the Americans


Many who were called to be witnesses for Jesus run after the American Big Name Preachers and they adopt their methods of evangelization. American Big Name Preachers do not evangelize, they Americanize and they want people to be like them, to run after them. They do not follow Jesus Christ, they follow their own methods to glorify themselves. They themselves are not disciples of Jesus Christ so they cannot make disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you are a servant of God, called by Him then you follow after Jesus Christ, you become like HIM, you are led by the Holy Spirit and you do not idolize people. You do not follow after the methods of this world and you are not accepted by this world, neither by the religious people of this age, those who go after the American Fake Gospel.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is gruesome and appalling. The gospel of Jesus Christ will not make you rich or famous, it will get you rejected, persecuted and you might get killed. If you follow after Jesus you will not get invited by the big name churches, they will hate you and they will persecute you. You have to decide on which side you want to be, on the side of the world or on the side of Jesus Christ. Those who follow after Jesus are a small flock, those who LISTEN to His VOICE and DO what pleases Him. They walk in His power, they are changed into His likeness and they bring others unto HIM so that they can also become SONS OF GOD, not imitators of people.

Jesus calls us to become SONS OF GOD, not followers of men. If we start following after men we become useless for the kingdom of God. If we fit into this world and we are famous in this world then we are not of the Kingdom of God. Jesus said of those who follow Him that they will be HATED BY ALL MEN. If you are accepted by the worldly churches, by the American Media Machine and if you are sucked up by them and become like them, if you become part of their TV shows and their money making schemes then you are not part of the Kingdom of God any more. GET BACK TO JESUS AND FOLLOW HIM and He can use you.

Jesus does not share His glory with anybody, its not about people, it is about the Kingdom of God. It is not about becoming famous, it is BECOMING LESS so that Jesus can BECOME MORE because the kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ. If you want to become part of the Kingdom of God BECOME LIKE JESUS, not like the Americans.


May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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