Entering Heaven is not easy FEW WILL MAKE IT


Many Christian believers are living godless, reckless lives and they still believe that they have eternal life, that they have salvation. They are living under false security. They have been deceived by the devil. They base their faith and their belief that they are saved on what other people have told them, on some Bible verses that they quote but these people do not know Jesus Christ. Jesus warned that very few people will be saved. Narrow is the door that leads to LIFE and FEW there be that find it. Entering the Kingdom of heaven is NOT EASY. The requirements to be a child of God are extremely strict. It is like running a marathon.

Many people enroll for the marathon and many start running. Many people think that they will be able to complete it but very few make it in time. Following Jesus Christ is the same. Many start following Jesus but very very FEW ENDURE with Him until the end.

Many have FALSE SECURITY because they belong to a church, or because they have said a SINNER’S PRAYER, they have been baptized in water, some have received the gift of tongues and they speak in tongues and because they speak in tongues they think that they have security of salvation. THERE IS NO SECURITY! The only security is Jesus Christ. We have to follow Him every day. Jesus said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must DENY himself, pick up his cross EVERY DAY and come here FOLLOW ME.”

If we do not go after Jesus every day and follow Him until the very end then we will not have eternal life. Many people make marriage vows. Very few of those people stay together until the end, they are unfaithful. Jesus is faithful to us but if we are unfaithful to Him, if we deny Him, HE WILL REJECT US! Then we are not suitable. The Grace of God is NO A LICENSE TO SIN. If we keep on turning away from Jesus there will come a day that we die away from Him and when we stand in front of Him, He will say to us:”Go away I never knew you.”

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven is NOT EASY. Very few people will make it, only those who endure with Jesus UNTIL THE VERY END, those who do His will, who LISTEN to His VOICE, who FOLLOW Him, You need confirmation EVERY DAY from Jesus that He is pleased with you. You need to look after your relationship with Jesus above everything else. If Jesus is not pleased with you, you WILL NOT ENTER the Kingdom of HEAVEN. Are you pleasing to the Master?


May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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