Jesus Christ is ALIVE! Those who KNOW HIM and FOLLOW HIM live their life to please Him. Most professing believers do not know Jesus. They read ABOUT Him in the Bible and they go to church and have fellowship with OTHER PEOPLE, they listen to preachers who do not know Jesus anyway.

IF YOU KNOW JESUS you will listen to HIM, you will follow HIM, you will be taught by HIM and you will introduce other people TO HIM.

Jesus Christ IS ALIVE, He is not in a book, He is not in a church. Those people who sit with their heads in the Book, they don’t know Him! Those people who sit in church, they don’t know Jesus! If they knew Him they would follow Him.

I KNOW Jesus Christ, He is ALIVE! Therefor I want to introduce you to Jesus. I am saying to you: Friend, go on your knees, cry out to Jesus, repent of sin, be baptized in water and Jesus will reveal Himself to you. His sheep LISTEN to His VOICE and they FOLLOW Him! They don’t read books, they don’t listen to people, they KNOW the MASTER and they follow Him!

Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Is He real to you? Do you follow Him? Is Jesus Christ your REALITY?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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