Church is a SCAM

Churches are for the most part just a money making scam that ensures an income for the owners and for the clergy that are employed by the church organization. Churches do not take people to Jesus Christ. Clergy do not know Jesus Christ at all. If they knew Jesus they would follow Him, they would take people to Jesus and make disciples who themselves would follow Jesus Christ.

Churches are a means unto themselves. It is all about the organization and the MONEY. They tell people to COME TO CHURCH, not to GO TO JESUS. They tell people to listen to the clergy, not to LISTEN TO JESUS and FOLLOW HIM.

Jesus said:”My sheep LISTEN to My VOICE and they FOLLOW Me. They will not listen to strangers nor run after them.” The clergy in the pulpits are the strangers, they are EMPLOYED by the ”church.” A follower of Jesus, a person called to preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, preaches WITHOUT PAYMENT. He preaches because he is CALLED BY THE MASTER. He testifies because he KNOWS Jesus NOT BECAUSE HE IS GETTING PAID and because he is employed by the “church.” It is not about the money it is about Jesus Christ.

IF you KNOW Jesus Christ, you FOLLOW HIM, you LISTEN to HIM and you live your life to please HIM. Jesus IS your life, every moment of your life belongs to Jesus. You don’t go to church, YOU ARE THE CHURCH because Jesus lives IN YOU and you FOLLOW HIM, His Spirit dwells IN YOU, you ARE THE CHURCH; you follow Him and you GO where he sends you, you DO what He tells you and you ARE A WITNESS! You tell everybody that JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE! Your light shines every moment because you KNOW the King of kings and the Lord of lords, you’ve got no business with “church.” ~ YOU ARE THE CHURCH!

Do YOU go to “church” or ARE YOU the CHURCH? Are you the Body of Christ in which Jesus dwells. Do you FOLLOW Jesus and DO what is pleasing to Him?

May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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